Cartoon Network Mobile App Review

The Cartoon Network app is an excellent source for keeping your kids quiet and occupied when they don't have much to keep them entertained. Perfect for the grocery store or long waits in the doctor's office, the Cartoon Network app gives you instant access to the shows your child loves.

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Entertainment At Your Fingertips

If your kids love the cartoon and movies available to watch on Cartoon Network, then you’re truly missing out if you don’t have the app on your phone or tablet. Have you ever been running errands with the kids or spending time with a friend or loved one and wished you could keep the little ones occupied for a little while? When you download the Cartoon Network app, you can select the shows your children already love so that they can catch up on new episodes or watch their favorites in a flash.

The interface is clean and streamlined so even the youngest members of your family can navigate its features and services with ease. Although there are no games to play on the app, you can find movies and television shows popular on the network and even create personalized watch feeds to skip all the shows you’d rather not watch.

Cartoon Network Features

Although the app is fairly straightforward, there are a few notable features to point out if you’re new to the service.

  • Custom Mix – Upon initial start-up of the app, you can choose which shows your child likes to watch the most by selecting the character icon on the screen. Now, when your child wants to watch Cartoon Network shows on the go, new episodes and unlocked features will be available as soon as they open the app.
  • Simple Navigation – Because the show uses oversized icons with your child’s favorite cartoon characters, it’s easy enough for them to navigate on their own which can be a big help if you need them to stay occupied while you complete a task.
  • Cast Capability – If you own a Chromecast capable television or a Smart Apple TV, you can select the cast feature on a streaming movie or TV show so that your little ones can watch it on the big screen.

Cartoon Network Pros

  • Exclusive Premieres – Early access to new episodes and movies before they air on TV.
  • High-Quality Video – The app offers crystal-clear high definition quality so that you and your children can enjoy each of your favorite programs.
  • Movies – Full-length features are also available in the app.

Cartoon Network Cons

  • Limited Selection Without Provider – Unfortunately, unless you already pay for a cable subscription that includes Cartoon Network, you will not be able to watch all of the content available in the app. Instead, you can view unlocked episodes and new episodes the day after they air.
  • Ads – The app works with your local cable provider and not as a streaming service, so there will be ads during shows and movies in the app.
  • No Offline Use – You must have a network connection to use the app.

Final Thoughts

This app can be an excellent tool for parents or guardians who need to keep children entertained when they have run out of options. If you don’t already pay for a cable subscription, you can still enjoy select features when you download the Cartoon Network app including free full-length feature movies and brand new episodes of their favorite shows. You can even select popular episodes to rewatch while they are still in the queue on the app’s show page.


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