YP - The Real Yellow Pages Mobile App Review

Telephones are widely used across the world. They are the quickest way to connect with someone that you wish to speak to verbally. There is always a need to communicate and do it in am efficient and effective manner and what better way to do this than to reach out by telephone. As we continue to grow with technology, accessing telephone numbers via a physical copy of a telephone book has become outdated and rarely used. We all live and die by our phones and therefore a mobile app with access to numbers is needed to find people we wish to talk to. Although apps do not include unlisted numbers or even cell phone numbers, there are still numerous reasons that we access phone books on a daily basis and make them useful. Download Yellow Pages to complete many of these tasks.

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Yellow Pages App

The Yellow Pages App gives us access to many people, businesses, and services at our fingertips. You can’t possibly walk around with a huge phone book and although we have attempted in the past, it is just no longer feasible. We are a people that are on the move and the phone books that we use at our homes are only useful in our home town or places very nearby so as we get up and travel across the world, an app such as this one is a must-have because we can find entertainment, hospital services, and even gas just by opening the app and doing a quick search. These searches will give you much more than just the number, they can connect you to the website of the business or give you directions for a visit. This app will handle all of your searching needs.

YP App Features

There are many useful features that you will find for this app with a download. The most important and listed below:

  • Available for use in English.
  • Access to over 20 million listings.
  • Ability to save and share information concerning visits.
  • Reviews from across the nation listed.
  • Allows for the pricing lists for some businesses.

YP App Pros

You will find many pros to using this app. Look below to find a list of the major pros to use of this app:

  • It only uses a minimal amount of space on your device.
  • Access to the nearest gas places and prices to fill up.
  • Ability to browse ratings for businesses that you wish to visit.

YP App Cons

The following app does not have many cons, but of the few found, a list has been made for your viewing:

  • There are also a considerable amount of updates.
  • The app updates require manual downloads.

Download Yellow Pages

If you are looking for a great resource for locating businesses and services, not just in your town, but across the world, this is the best app to download. It is simple to use as well as straightforward to understand. This app supplies a great way to find places you are not even looking for but may present access to ideas that you haven’t considered. Download Yellow Pages, save time and effort and “let your fingers do the walking.”


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