United Airlines Mobile App Review

The way to travel can be on foot, in car, or even a horse and carriage, but of all the ways to get there, if you want to get somewhere far away quickly, it makes sense to get there by plane. Flying is among the safest ways to travel and because of this, more people are flying from place to place across the world every day. If you are not a flyer, I am sure you will still have a friend or relative who is. As your children grow older and venture off to college, they may need to travel home when homesick or you may need to make a surprise visit to check up on them. Whatever the reason for traveling long distances, you can be sure that a flight will make it less of a headache and more enjoyable.

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United Airlines

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United Airlines App

By downloading United Airlines, you will see that the process of finding a flight, booking it, and actually getting checked-in has all been simplified so that anyone can use it. This app creates a one-stop-shop for paying for your flight as well as getting on your flight. The only thing that you can not actually do on this app appears to be physically riding on the airplane. As we think back about how much of a hassle flying used to be, we can see why so many people chose to get to their destination by other means. This is not the case after giving this app a try.

United Airlines App Features

There are a ton of features that you will find when downloading United Airlines:

  • Available in English.
  • It gives you the option to change seat assignments when available.
  • Offers the ability to check-in at your flight upon arrival.
  • Ability to save your trips from past, present, and future flight plans.
  • It provides departure and arrival times for all flights.

United Pros

There are many pros to using this application and of those, these appear to be the most important:

  • Pay for your flight through this app.
  • Use your available points to book your flight.
  • Enroll in MileagePlus to earn points through the app.

United Cons

There are not many visible cons to this app, but I have listed the ones that may be most helpful to the user:

  • You will not be able to add your MileagePlus information to an already booked reservation.
  • Flight status information can some times be incorrect.


The United Airlines app is a great way to plan a trip from start to finish. You will be able to find flight times in your area and then book and pay for the chosen flight if this is what you would like to do. There are options to find immediate flights or flights far in the future so this is an ideal way to plan. This application has flights across the world so that you have no trouble finding flights for your needs. There are many ways to narrow your search and for that reason, this process is highly user-friendly. Even if you do not have a trip coming soon, this app warrants a download for the “just in case.” Don’t miss out, be sure to go now and download this app.


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