TripAdvisor Mobile App Review

The Tripadvisor app is the most convenient way to plan out a trip with your family and friends. All it takes is a second to search Tripadvisor and find all the best hotels and destinations to keep you occupied during your vacation. All you need to do is download Tripadvisor and you will be thrown into the world of vacationing and traveling destinations that will leave you in awe with all the best prices.






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Mobile App Review for TripAdvisor

With Tripadvisor, you’ll be able to compare prices of flights and hotels to receive the best deals on the web. Once you find the perfect destination, you can start booking your rooms and search Tripadvisor for activities to partake in or areas to hike while on your trip. Alongside hotels and flights, you can also search for the best cruises around the world as well. If at any moment you have questions on how to book rooms, flights, or cruises, all you have to do is go over to Tripadvisor’s forums and you will find answers to everything you need to know. As Tripadvisor uses your location, you will be updated on discounts for rooms and flights in your area just in case you decide to take an unplanned vacation and take much needed time off from work.


  • Get all the best deals on local flights, hotel rooms, and cruises!
  • Get mobile tickets for tours and attractions in the area of your choice.
  • Reserve tables at local restaurants so you’ll never have to wait in line.
  • Read through over 700 million traveler reviews for the best traveling advice.


  • Organize all your favorite vacation ideas and save them to the app.
  • Compare prices with over 200 booking sites.
  • Add your own personal reviews and vacation photos for others to view.


  • It only accepts the nearest big cities.
  • Searching on the app always lands you on Tripadvisor’s home page.

If you and your family enjoy taking vacations and going out to eat, Tripadvisor will be a great accessory. Instead of using a search engine to look for flights, rooms, restaurants, and cruises, use Tripadvisor instead. Once you find a place of interest, you are only one click away from booking a room or a flight within moments of making your final decision. Even when you are not looking, Tripadvisor will keep you updated with any new discounts in your local area or new cruises that may be of interest to you.


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