Travelocity Hotels & Flights Mobile App Review

The Travelocity app provides all of the features offered through the popular travel website and makes them portable. People who want to book flights, hotels, and rent vehicles at their chosen destination can do so with great ease. The iOS and Android mobile app are available for free.






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Mobile App Review for Travelocity

Travelocity has built its reputation on being a website that people go-to for deep travel discounts. The mobile app makes use of many of the same features offered on the ‘net but in a portable format. It allows travelers to search multiple sources simultaneously to find the best deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and entertainment. It also contains the information in a convenient itinerary format which can be accessed, shared with others, and printed.

The free app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. It comes with 24/7 customer service as well, which is a nice feature to have especially if a person has questions that they have yet to have answered by the company FAQ page. When a traveler decides to download Travelocity, they’re getting a wide range of tools at their fingertips to use whenever they want to access them.

Features of the App

For a person who frequently travels, having access to numerous features that make reserving hotels and taking care of other trip-related details while on-the-go is ideal. When I chose to download Travelocity, I had a wealth of tools to explore. Some were phenomenal, while others were options I’d use a great deal less.

In addition to offering the lowest prices available on transportation, accommodations, and entertainment, people who use the app also get exclusive promos and offers to use regularly. They’re also able to search over 400 airlines for the best deals as well as search, book, and view all current, past, and future itineraries with ease. Sharing flight information with a family member or friend by email is instantaneous and an option I’ve used many times.

Paying with Apple Pay is an option for iOS users who want to streamline the checkout process. This also avoids needing to type in and store payment information. This feature may seem minor, but if there are safety concerns with inputting credit or debit card information, it becomes wholly beneficial. Planning a trip from start to finish is easy because everything a person needs while traveling (flight, lodging, transportation, entertainment) is available through the app.

Pros and Cons of the App


  • Can be used on phone and tablets.
  • It provides information in real-time, so a person knows instantly about delays, changes in gate numbers, and baggage claim locations.
  • Exclusive perks such as promo codes for mobile users.
  • Travel protection.


  • Limitations on its rewards program.
  • APR of 25 percent on American Express card used for the rewards program.
  • Not clear about cancellation policies except for hotels.

Before embarking on a trip, a person likes to research their options. Travelocity provides details about the best hotels, flights, cars, and activities to do for less. Anyone who wants to stretch their dollars further while traveling long distances appreciate having the ability to do so from the convenience of their mobile phone. It’s the smartest way to cut corners while traveling, by saving money before departing for a destination!


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