Google Earth Mobile App Review and Download

The Google Earth mobile app is great for getting an actual visual on a place you've either never been to or used to live in. With one address search, the globe takes users all across the world within minutes. It is a visual map used by millions to literally see the entire world.

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What to know about the mobile app Google Earth

When someone downloads the Google Earth map they are in for a treat. For example, this powerful mobile app can take a user to their hometown and any city or country. People use Google Earth for exactly what it stands for. You can find out what the rest of the world looks like with a simple search. Enter in an address or a country and you’ll watch with amazement as it carries you to that location in no time. For instance, it drills down on specific communities taking you to the view from sidewalks and traffic lights. You can view a location before every driving or flying there. The Google earth download is available for PC and Mac users on mobile devices, which include laptops, tablets, iPod Touches, iPads and Android smartphones. Find mind-blowing images, all from quick and easy searches.


  • Offers satellite images of cities and countries
  • 3D software terrain
  • Zooming capabilities
  • 360 degree viewing perspectives
  • Street views
  • Offers visual tours
  • Use in look around or pan modes


google earth download map image


Google Earth Download Pros

  • User-friendly interface 3D imagery ease to use
  • Search bar for entire specific addresses
  • Links to Wikipedia
  • It’s a valuable location finder
  • Travel anywhere in the world
  • Select different layers of viewing
  • Photos are impressive and clear

Google Earth Download Cons

  • Some graphics show up blurry
  • Not enough update improvements
  • Rendering of countries not clear
  • Reports of bugs affecting the overall performance
  • Some imagery disappears for viewing
  • 3D rendering can drain device battery

The mobile app gives out time-delayed imagery of the entire world. Once you get the google earth download, you can enter any address on the globe. Furthermore, you can choose to view the destination in a variety of layers. You are capable of drilling down to the street and having a look around in a far off neighbor either in the United States or in another country. The google earth app gives a spot on satellite peek into cities, towns or you can view the ocean. It’s a visual map right in your hands that allows you to explore places you may never go to in your entire life.

Altogether, the application is handy for anyone who would like to see what a location looks like before traveling. The detail is jaw-dropping as users can see all streets and bridges, as well as lakes within a state. In detail, the google earth app has screenshot abilities and gives users the chance to add their photos of there area for the public to see. When using the layers feature you see historical locations, corporations and can click on Wikipedia links to read more. It’s a bit breath-taking to immediately find yourself looking at a pyramid from your home in the United States, especially if you plan to visit in person. Lastly, the search function lets users to observe locations in an up and down tilt at 360 degrees, and the app’s pan feature allows in-depth viewing of terrains.


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