American Airlines Mobile App Review

The mobile app for American Airlines is your straight shot to booking a flight directly from your smartphone. This app is designed to give you the same comforts you get when booking online through a computer. With a few taps of a button, you can cancel, get a boarding pass and book travel for the entire family.

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Mobile App Review for American Airlines

Traveling isn’t what it used to be. We often had to hang on the phone for hours hoping to speak to a representative to change a seat. With the American Airlines application, you can do this and more within a matter of minutes. No longer will you have to worry about what the baggage fees are and what’s allowed on the plane. You can download this application and search for all of the answers in no time. You get a boarding pass that checks you into your flight and allows you to upgrade a seat or two. Find out more about your trip, and if there are any changes by setting up the notifications for your phone.

The app’s interface is also clear and concise where you can actually see the seats where you’ll be sitting during travel. For those who need to bring extra bags, the app gives you the chance to track them to the next destination. With advance technology moving at lightning speed, the American Airlines app works with Apple watches and gives you precise 3D touch. The graphics are impressive and you won’t get lost when navigating through all of the menus. Download the American Airlines app for your next travel needs. Save yourself time from waiting in lines that never seem to move.

Features of the App

  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Pick and upgrade seats
  • 3D Touch options
  • Works with Apple Watch users
  • Connects to AAvantage accounts
  • Terminal maps available to view


  • Menu navigation is easy
  • Boarding pass availability
  • Reservation check-in


  • Flight status off
  • Passport upload issues
  • Not working with Chrome

Why You Should Download American Airlines Today

We all want a smooth travel experience no matter where we’re going. It makes life easier, and we don’t have much stress. Traveling takes a lot out of us because there’s so much to deal with. We have to be on our toes to make sure all flights are booked and we have our detailed information to board the plane. With the American Airlines app, you have fewer worries about booking a flight, getting the right seat and canceling if you need to. The aa app is simple to use, and not difficult to find the correct menu options you need. Its home screen has dynamic graphics that are easy on the eyes when viewing from your smartphone.

Once you download the aa app, you’re on your way to reviewing any trips you’ve booked that’s associated with your account. The great thing about the application is that all of this is down from the palm of your hand. There is no need to pick up the phone and hassle with flight issues. You aa app gives you quick access to solve problems fast concerning your trips. Download the aa app, so you can get up to date trip information and a boarding pass right to your phone. Never again, will you feel lost when you have this application with you at all times.


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