Zapya - File Transfer Mobile App Review

The Zapya app is a way of transferring files and music playlists from one person to another. The Zapya file sharing system allows you to switch share files between devices without the need for WiFi or data use. This means you can use the Zapya app wherever you are.






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Zapya File Sharing App Description

There are actually multiple ways to transfer files on Zapya. You can either make a group that other people can join to switch their files around, create files to people who are nearby to you just through the proximity, or else make a QR code that they can scan to get it done. There are actually lots of applications for those who download Zapya even beyond sharing files with friends as well. For example, use it to back up your files and then switch them over from old devices. This is the reason why you’ll need to grant call log permissions to the app.

The app is also a great way to chat with friends even when there’s no Internet, share videos with other people, send new apps to a new phone, and lots of other potential options as well.

App Features

  • Good Compatibility-The app works on many different devices including for Windows XP and up, Android starting at 4.0, Windows Phone, Mac OS, and just about any web browser.
  • Many Different Languages-You can get everything translated into languages like Chinese, Korean, Russian and more.
  • Group Interactions-You can connect to your friends’ devices in a group, including being able to see out of their phone as if you were them! There’s the option for instant messaging as well.

App Pros

  • Share and Chat Offline – As long as you are fairly close to other people, you can chat with them, send them files, see through their camera and more.
  • QR Codes – If you want to share files in a really easy way, you can just make QR codes that other people can scan in order to connect to your device.
  • Find Cool Videos – Find interesting short videos by looking through sections of the app where users have uploaded them.

App Cons

  • Occasional Technical Issues – Some users report glitches like losing parts of transferred videos as well as other potentially related problems.

Why Should You Download This App?

You should download Zapya because it’s quite a versatile app. It can allow for collaboration without the Internet at all, including instant message conversations and camera sharing. Also, transfer files freely, and there’s even a way to look at videos that other people recommend. Plus, there’s also the other options for sharing when you do have the Internet like the QR code. This means anyone can scan it and connect to you without a lot of extra hassle.


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