Snipping Tool - Screenshot Touch Mobile App Review

Snipping Tool is a free application that allows you to capture the device’s screen easily. It helps users to take a screenshot conveniently without pressing any hardware button, only one touch for a screenshot. Also, it allows for basic snapshot editing, with different colored pens, highlighter, and an eraser.

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How does Snipping Tool Works?

Sometimes, the easiest way to make a copy of something is by taking a screenshot of your screen, and this is what the Snipping application does. Through this app, we can be able to capture any of the following snips:

  • Full-screen snip – it captures the whole screen.
  • Free-form snip – draw a free-form shape around the area of interest.
  • Window snip – it captures a snip of the selected window.
  • Rectangular snip – drag the cursor around the area of interest to form a rectangle.

Once we take a snapshot, it is automatically copied on the application window from where we can either annotate, save, or share the snip — the following procedure guides on how to use this app.

1. Opening – select the start button, search snipping tools, and then select it from the list of results.
2. Capture a snip – after opening the application, select the mode, and for older versions, select the arrow next to the New button, then chose the kind of snip you want to be followed by the area you want to capture.
3. Annotate snip – after taking a snip, you can then edit the image by selecting the pen or highlighter buttons. User eraser button to remove lines you don’t want.
4. Save a snip – once you are done with editing, select the save snip button where you can type the image name, select location, and then save.


  • Takes screenshots in four different styles
  • Automatically add or remove a border on your screenshots.
  • Confirm before you proceed to discard changes.
  • Save images as gif and jpg.
  • The file name included in the timestamp.
  • Print directly from the app.
  • Include URL below snips for HTML

Before we proceed, let’s take a look at the settings, which is the source of integrated features. Here, you will find the following options:

  • Auto copy to clipboard – any change you make to snips, it gets copied to clipboard. However, you will lose the original text and have to use a lot of Ctrl + Z to get back to it.
  • Ask to save snips before closing – if accidentally you click close button, by default, it will request you to save or discard the snip.


  • Pre-installed in windows 7 and higher
  • Screen overlay highlights snips
  • Edit your screenshot once taken
  • Set-up 10 second delay for snapshots
  • Four different snip selections


  • Usually hidden in settings
  • No keyboard shortcuts

Why should you download Snipping Tool?

Being the best tool for taking screenshots, there is no reason you shouldn’t have it. The tool allows you to take snips in four different selections depending on the situation, and you can even set-up a delay to draw the area you want. Perhaps, the significant feature this tool has is a quick way to annotate a snip once you’ve taken it.
Downloading Snipping Tool from your device’s app market is also quick and easy. Download the app, register for free, install and start snipping today!


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