SnapSaver Mobile App Review

This review gives me the opportunity to explain the SnapSaver Mobile App. What makes this app so special is that people can do screen recordings and take screenshots any time they want. When users download SnapSaver, it requires a little over seven megabytes of data storage.






Varies with Device


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Mobile App Review for SnapSaver

The Snap Saver App is a free tool for Android users only that was made by V-Ware. This app has been installed over half a million times and has a 4.0 rating on the Google Play Store. Almost 2,800 people have submitted their reviews and what will separate this review from theirs is uniqueness.

SnapSaver is more known for doing video recordings and taking screenshots. The video recording records everything this is seen on the screen all the time. The length of the video would have to depend on the amount of data that the video is holding. Taking screenshots can be used to save records or to collect information that may never be seen again. All screenshots and videos would be saved in the Photos section of the Android smartphone. Users can either use both features at one time, which separates the other apps from this one.

Features of SnapSaver

  • Login Isn’t Required
  • Account Is Not Needed
  • Record Videos With Audio If Needed
  • AutoSave Feature


  • Simple To Use
  • Screenshots and Viso Recording Can Happen At Once
  • No Alerts On Screen While Capturing Screens
  • An Intuitive Interface


  • Voice Recording Holds Too Much Data
  • Low-Quality Screenshots
  • Audio Glitches During Video Recording.
  • Does Cause Sharing Screenshots And Recordings When It Shouldn’t
  • Have To Manually Turn on Audio Feature every time

So why should someone like yourself download SnapSaver?

Well, the Snap Saver App comes in handy for those who want to take pictures of their screen and save them so they can be used for other purposes. As for the video recording feature, this tool can be helpful for someone who is starting a YouTube channel or starting a business. The video recording can be a great tool to create instructional videos as well.

My experience with using the Snap Saver Mobile App was pretty interesting because I learned that the level of quality for video recordings was consistent. It was sometimes difficult to use audio while recording a video. However, I was able to figure out why. This particular does not have an automatic feature that will automatically turn on the audio while recording the video. So in order to use audio, you have to manually turn it on BEFORE you start recording your video. I love the screenshot feature more because I take five to seven screenshots every day and I keep them in separate photos. Every one in a while, I forget what I saw on my smartphone so taking screenshots helps me memorize what I saw previously.

Besides the audio button not automatically turned on, I would say that this app is pretty good to use and if you like me and forget a lot of things, taking screenshots helps your memory.


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