Bubble Level Galaxy Mobile App Review

The Bubble Level Galaxy app is a bubble level simulation app for your mobile device. If you are familiar with a standard bubble level then you know what this app is about. It simulates and accurately replaces a physical bubble level.

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Full Description of Bubble Level Galaxy

This bubble level app simulates and accurately replaces a bubble level tool. These tools are often used in carpentry and other forms of construction work, to make sure the results are horizontal and vertical. If you make or fix things this is an important tool.

Like a physical bubble level, this app tells you when something is level, but it also tells you how many degrees it is off level. Furthermore, this app can be calibrated to make sure it is level, something that is impossible for a physical level. One other advantage this app has over a physical level is that there is no fluid to leak out if it breaks.

This is a very simple app that is simple to use, in fact, if you can use a physical bubble level, you can use this app. Furthermore, this app is totally free without any ads or other gimmicks. Finally, having this app on your mobile device means that you do not have to carry around a physical bubble level because it is always on hand.

Features of the App

  • Replaces a bubble level making it more convenient.
  • Duplicates the functionality of a bubble level.
  • Simulates a horizontal and vertical bubble level tubes and bubbles.
  • It has a disc display that shows the direction off level you are.
  • It gives you more information than a physical bubble level.
  • Shows the number of degrees off level in the x and y coordinate you are.
  • Calibrate the app to a true level if needed.
  • It’s completely free and also has no ads.

Pros of Bubble Level Galaxy

  • It replaces a physical bubble level tool conveniently on your mobile device.
  • The app is intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • You have a completely free app with no ads.

Cons of Bubble Level Galaxy

  • There are no bells and whistles.
  • No possibility of upgrades or customization.

This mobile device app is an excellent bubble level tool, that conveniently replaces a physical bubble level. It does everything you would expect from a bubble level and more. If you regularly use a bubble level, downloading Bubble Level Galaxy will ensure that you always have one that is as convenient as your mobile device. This app is easy and convenient to use, because if you can use a physical bubble level then you can use this app.


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