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With all of the exciting features on the newest smartphones these days, it's easy to ignore mobile security. Keeping hackers off of your phone might not be glamorous, but it's certainly necessary. Cyber-attacks have become increasingly common, and they don't appear to be slowing down any time soon. The best security apps, however, provide complete protection from threats without compromising user experience.

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Does 360 Security Offer Total Protection For Mobile?

Designed by Chinese security firm Qihu, 360 Security offers a complete suite of cyber-protection modules to help fend off the world’s worst mobile malware and viruses. Fortunately, Qihu makes it easy to download 360 Security on both Android and iOS devices.

Features of the App

  • Easy Data Shredding – Similar to a virtual paper shredder, this feature makes it easy for me to clear out old files and empty folders that I am no longer using. When I clear out the older files and folders in my operating system, I’m decreasing the chance that the data in these areas will become infected by a virus.
  • Regular Driver Checks – I never have to worry about running my mobile on outdated drivers. The app automatically checks the status of my hardware to make sure everything is up to date. If this mobile app security finds that something needs an update, I get an automatic notification that directs me to download the latest version of the driver in question.
  • Malware Scanning – The app has a comprehensive malware analyzer, and I’m able to perform regular checks on my entire hard disk. After the disk check is performed, I receive a thorough report that lets me know if the app found any potentially dangerous files.
  • Quick Scan Mode – The Quick Scan feature lets me complete an adequate virus scan of my mobile device in under 10 minutes. This saves me a lot of time when I don’t want to have a more detailed Full Scan Mode running in the background.


  • This app is tough on malware. There’s no doubt about that. Even though there are so many different types of malicious software floating around on the internet these days, I still feel safe and secure in my browsing whenever I’m using this app.
  • The Free Version works well. I was able to take several of the security features for a trial before purchasing the Premium Version.
  • The Premium Version is very reasonably priced.
  • There is a built-in WiFi Checker in order to make sure the network is secure.
  • Password strength reviews are built straight into the security engine.
  • It’s very easy to download 360 Security, and the app is not as large and cumbersome as some other security apps available for mobile.
  • All of the features are easy to find, and they are even easier to use. The large buttons on the screen make it easy to run regular system scans straight from my mobile device.


  • Some users feel that the customer support behind the app isn’t the best.
  • The Free Version has a substantial volume of ads that are visible all over the screen. This can be a little bit annoying, but the ads disappear after an upgrade to the Premium Version.
  • Some features tend to use a lot of RAM on my Samsung Galaxy Note8 (Android) phone. When I’m running certain system checks with the app, things can get a bit slow.

The Overall Verdict

Even though this app may not have the name-brand recognition of some of its competitors, this mobile software is one of the best security apps on the market. As more of the world continues to go mobile, apps like this one are simply a must-have. To download 360 Security, head to the app store on either Android or iOS today.


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