UFC Mobile App Review

The UFC app is a game that is based on the UFC fighting league in real life. In the game, you take your character into the Octagon to fight against other real-life UFC fighters. As opposed to boxing, UFC lets players use a wider variety of moves including kicks and grappling.






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UFC® - The Ultimate Fighting Championship®

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UFC App Description

When you download the UFC game, you’ll be able to see all the moves that players use in real life. There’s a high quality for the visuals, and a huge number of different players to choose from. It’s not too hard to pick up, and people who are new to the game and people who have been playing these kinds of games for a while can enjoy what they have to offer. You’ll recognize things like Ronda Rousey’s famous Judo moves right from the gameplay. All your favorites will likely be there.

There’s also the ability to train the fighter you chose to unlock more abilities. In-game coins also allow you to buy more features. You can play live events with the same feel as the ones that happened in real life. It’s realistic enough that it will feel like your controlling the actual events themselves.

App Features

  • Real Fighters – You can control real fighters from Ronda Rousey to Georges St. Pierre as well as many more.
  • Touch Controls – You have light-touch controls to initiate various maneuvers like punches, grappling, and a lot more.
  • HD Graphics – You’ve got access to the high definition graphics for nearly photo-realistic gameplay at times. Some versions of UFC games have fooled people in real life before into thinking they were actual matches.

App Pros

  • UFC Fan’s Dream – With realistic portrayals of real-life fighters and the actual moves that they are famous for, UFC fans will love the control.
  • Easy to Pick Up Casually – Even if you’re not necessarily a UFC fan, you should be able to pick up the controls quickly and get into the fighting action.
  • 70 Fighters – There are around 70 fighters to choose from, which should give you plenty of variety for whatever your preference for fighting might be.

App Cons

  • Pay to Win – There’s of a Freemium vibe going on with this game, which can annoy some players.

Why Should You Download This App?

Those who love fighting games with punches, kicks, armbars, chokes and everything related will especially love this game. There are dozens of characters to choose from, and they all have their own different styles and appearances, so you shouldn’t have any shortage of variation here. Plus, the developers put effort into making everything look realistic, down to the crowd, the announcers, the way the Octagon looks, the type of events people are playing at and more. This should be a big appeal to UFC fans that download the UFC app.


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