TUDN Mobile App Review

The TUDN app is a mobile way to access all things Univision. This includes live soccer games and everything related to that. SO, for example, you could use it to watch the Major League Soccer games happening in the United States, or else games like the UEFA Soccer Cup.






Varies with Device

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TUDN App Description

Those who download TUDn from Activision will be able to watch live football or soccer games from places like the UEFA Super Cup, Bundesliga, Euro 2020, CONCACAF Champions and many more. You can also get news related to many other sports events as well such as from the NMA, MLB, and others like boxing. The option is also there to watch the TUDN channel whenever and wherever you are. The app is completely free, but you’ll have to log in with Cable TV credentials in order to get access. This is available only in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

It’s worth noting that Nielsen actually uses the app you download to track your habits for research purposes, but you can opt-out of this if you so choose. It’s definitely handy to be able to watch TUND programming whenever you are as long as you have the proper connection, and many people take advantage of this given the app’s 80,000 users.

App Features

  • Watch Just About Any International Football Game – You can watch games from the Mexican and U.S. National Teams, the Copa MX, the UEFA Super Cup and many more, which includes MLS games in the United States.
  • Watch News from Other Sports – You can also get news from Formula 1, Tennis, baseball, football, hockey and more.
  • Log In with Cable – You can log in through the app with a cable subscription to get mobile coverage.

App Pros

  • Watch Soccer Games Right from Your Device – The TUND app lets you connect to most soccer games throughout the entire world, right from your pocket.
  • No Cost for Cable Subscribers – In the U.S. and Puerto Rico, there’s no additional cost associated with the app, provided you’re already a Univision subscriber.

App Cons

  • Variable Video Quality – The video quality can definitely vary depending on your connection and device. Some devices may have trouble creating full-screen functionality, for example. The app may also have ads, which can also give trouble to getting high-quality streaming.

Why Should You Download This App?

You should download TUDN if you’re a big soccer fan that wants to make sure you never miss a game. Obviously, you can’t always be at home for every game. That’s why there’s the option to tune in wherever you are right through your internet connection. The other benefit is that you can get scores for just about any game right through the app as well. This makes it less necessary for you to have to hunt around for the scores on your own. It’s just one button push to get the info you want.


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