ESPN Mobile App Review and Download

f you have had your pulse on the sporting world at any point in the last 30 years, then you are well aware of ESPN. They are the authority when it comes to all things sports, so it is only natural that they would have developed a mobile app to adapt to the changing times.






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About the ESPN App for Mobile Devices

The ESPN App actually consists of several different components, so let’s get right down to it. The ESPN app is fully functional on most smartphones and tablets. Access updated scores from games in a variety of major sports that have either over or still in play. Also, click on any game and the user will be taken to a complete summary and update of what is taking place in the game. Recent upgrades have seen the added feature of being able to follow a play by play account of the match in real-time. Access sports not listed on the front page of the ESPN App from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Customize the app even further by region of the world to become more useful to international users.

In addition to the scoring component of this app, updated news stories are provided. These are items that ESPN feels would be relevant to the user as soon as they come out. This begins with a recap of all major sports on the front page, followed by sport-specific news on subsequent pages. Access the Watch ESPN app there as well. This allows individuals to watch live telecasts of certain sports. The user will need to have a paid home cable or satellite service in order to access this service, and it is only accessible in the United States. Another feature that is available in the ESPN Plus app. This is a streaming live service offered directly by ESPN and has a selection of games that they choose. It is available via a paid monthly subscription.

Features of the App

  • Updated scores of major sports from around the world
  • Box scores from each game are easily available by clicking on the screen
  • Read featured news stories about all individual and team sports
  • Watch live sports directly from the app
  • League standings and tables are accessible from the app
  • Customize the app by region of the world
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