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365Scores is a sports media company based in Leeds, England, with operational offices in Cape Town, South Africa. Between 2001 and 2006, the company was known as UK betting plc. It grew through the acquisition of several businesses, including ukbetting.com Ltd, UK assets of the Sportal and sports.com, PA sport Life Ltd, and TEAMtalk Media Group. 365Scores run a network of sports news and content websites, including Football365, Sportal, and TEAMtalk. The company is also involved in content syndication to other media houses as well as to mobile network operators.






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About the 365Scores App

365Scores is a specialized free sport application that provides the latest soccer news regardless of your country, club, or league. In fact, you can follow different matches from the same league. The first thing you need to do after you download 365Scores is to mark your favorite club or team. Every time your favorite club have a match, the app will always notify you and show you all the related news on the app’s main screen.

In addition to game notifications and news, 365Scores also allows you to check relevant information about your club. You can check the starting line-up, player’s physical details, age, and of course, the number of goals scored and assists statistics. Besides soccer information, through the 365Scores app, you can also get information related to other sports like basketball, tennis, rugby, and even cricket. Users can choose not to see this information, though, and only receive soccer news.

365Scores is a fantastic sport application, thanks to which you can keep updated with everything happening in the world of sports. To sum it up, you can follow your favorite team and receive information every time they head for the pitch. Download the app from play store and experience 365Scores latest sports news at your convenience.

Features of 365Scores

  • All game events, line-ups, live match statistics, and goal highlights.
  • Watch the video of the goal five minutes after it happens.
  • Fastest push notification with real-time updates from your favorite clubs and leagues.
  • Live sport table and upcoming fixtures.
  • Completely customizable push notifications define by league, team, or event.
  • Live TV sports schedule. Know the TV channels that will air the event.
  • Personalized sports scores, aggregated sports news, alerts, and videos in real-time.
  • Get all your sport news from your favorite local sport in one place.
  • Support 10 different sports (Football, volleyball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Baseball, Handball, Rugby, and American football).
  • For cricket fans, experience 365Scores with a personalized notification for all your favorite teams and leagues, for Batting Milestones, Wickets, and Scores!


  • Has a simple, friendly user interface.
  • It provides real-time sports information.
  • You can customize the app to receive sport information from your favorite team or league.
  • It provides accurate and latest sports news, matches statistics, current standings, scores, line-ups, and more.
  • It’s a sport streaming app for video highlights.


  • Designed for hardcore sports fans due to the fact it provides an overwhelming amount of sports information.

Why You Should Download 365Scores

The 365Scores app is designed for a specific target audience, and in that sense, it comes through with flying colors. It provides maximum information that sports enthusiasts would want and on a real-time basis, which makes the app feel useful and fun. Experience 365Scores’ powerful user interface that will overall leave a great feeling.


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