YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Mobile App Review

Generation Z has new ways to communicate. We feel more comfortable writing than speaking face to face or by phone. This is the main reason why we look for communication means that allows us to share our feels and emotions in the way that we feel comfortable. Snapchat is our favorite app for this reason. It features tons of add ons to use and express ourselves honestly. One of these add ons is the YOLO app.

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What is YOLO?

The YOLO app has become the bomb these days. It allows the user’s contacts to make anonymous questions on Snapchat. It has been developed with a Snap Kit platform, hence you need to enter your Snapchat credentials to log in. The app also allows the user to require their contacts to ask anything by adding a sticker with the same message to their stories. There is when the user’s contacts should access their respective YOLO accounts and send their anonymous questions or comments.

The app also allows the user to reply to these questions or comments. The app has become so popular between Snapchat users that it has been placed at the top downloaded apps. What has made this app so popular, besides its main function, is the fact of the simplicity of usage. The app lets the user to review their questions in private and decide whether they want to answer or not and with who will they share it.

YOLO Features

  • It is easy to use
  • It integrates with Snapchat
  • Allows user’s contacts to make anonymous questions
  • It includes a “flag” and blocking feature or the user receives unwanted questions or comments.
  • It was developed using Snap Kit

Pros of YOLO

  • The download of this app is totally free
  • Yolo is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • It uses a Snap Kit. This feature allows you to log in directly from your Snapchat account, without having to enter your credentials. This keeps your credentials information safe.
  • Allows anonymous comments or questions, which helps young people to communicate their feelings more comfortably.
  • It integrates with Snapchat. Actually, Snapchat is the main app to use it.

Cons of YOLO

  • Teens get the advantage of this type of anonymous apps to make fun of or bully their mates. For this reason, keep track of your contacts or followers and use the “who can see this” option to avoid any unwanted content.

If you are the new generation and don’t feel comfortable communicating with others directly, this app will be your helper. Furthermore, if you are looking for fun with your friends, this app is (forgive the redundancy) THE APP. So, If you have Snapchat and feel like killing boredom or discovering if you are someone’s crush, download it and enjoy it.


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