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In order to see who is at your door, you probably have to get out of your chair, drag yourself downstairs and across the house to answer the door, sometimes to only find that it was the postal service guy who was merely ringing the doorbell to let you know that he is going to leave your package and get back to his truck to finish his rounds. It is probably one of your desires to be able to see who is at the door without ever leaving your seat. This is many people's desire, but up until recently, it was only a desire and not a possibility.

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The Welcome App helps homeowners experience their homes in an entirely different way. The situation that was mentioned above could have been easily eliminated by simply downloading the Welcome App and start using it. It will allow you as the consumer to use your Wi-Fi connection or remotely through your phone service to find out just who is at your door. This ability can save time and even act as a safety measure if there is someone at the door who does not appear to be safe. The Welcome App will also help users never miss an important visitor or even help dodge an unwanted one.

Welcome App Features

This app comes with a lot of features that you can see below.

  • This app includes additional in-app purchases.
  • Use it on the desktop as well as your smart devices.
  • Pair it with most door call devices.
  • Access it by using 14 languages including English.
  • For ages four years old and up.

Application Pros

Pros of an app such as this one are very important. You will find a list of some of the most important pros below:

  • Records and plays back calls from door devices.
  • Has high visual acuity.
  • There are many automatic updates.

Application Cons

There are not many cons for downloading the Welcome App, but users have mentioned the following:

  • Works slower when Wi-Fi or mobile networks are impaired
  • May delete paired devices after upgrades.
  • It does not have a specific door call system that the developers like.

Get This App NOW

Some apps are pointless and usually are deleted as soon as they are downloaded. You will find that Welcome is not one of those. After downloading, you will then find yourself taking advantage of all of its features to ensure the safety of your family. This app is easy to download, easier to use, and very easy to benefit from. A simple connection and pairing with your smart device will open up a world of options that will definitely change the way that you go to the door. A download includes a free demo for you to try out but you will surely find yourself leaping for the paid version so that you can use it to the fullest extent. It is definitely worth the fuss so don’t wait another minute, let your fingers run to the app store and download it now.


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