Tumblr Mobile App Review

Social Media is taking over the lives of absolutely everyone. All ages are now engulfed in the lives of and interactions with people in society. We are an open book now and you can just about find anything through social media sites. This can be a good thing because it helps us stay abreast of everything that is going on in the world. Yes, some sites are more widely accepted and used than others but there are still those apps that may not be used as much but are still the most reliable as far as graphics and content. Download Tumblr if you would like to engage socially with many people who fall into the categories of peers, family, or colleagues.






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Tumblr App Description

This app can bring hours upon hours of happy interactions. You can also easily express yourself and let the world know who you are through the content that you like and share on your page. People will then engage back and you can be sure to make new friends just by being a part of this app. Installing this app will connect you with millions and open up the ability in order to live stream for anyone who is interested in how you spend your day or spare time. Maybe you have a talent, or you’re just very photogenic. This app can help with sharing any of these qualities. You may be a great leader and need a following to spread your message or you could be trying to start a new career. All of these are real reasons to make sure that you become a part of this community.

Tumblr App Features

There are many features to this app, however, the biggest ones are listed below:

  • Uses 102.6 MB of space.
  • Available in 48 languages including English and Spanish.
  • It offers a live streaming platform.
  • Ability to share other posts.
  • This app lets you tailor your own page.

Tumblr App Pros

  • Ability to like as well as comment on other’s posts.
  • Detailed updates about your account.
  • Several filters are available with photo taking.

Tumblr App Cons

  • There are a large number of bug fixes in the history of this app.
  • This app requires a manual update.

Get This App NOW

I have tried many social media sites and platforms and most times I am left severely underwhelmed but in this case, I was pleasantly surprised and found myself frequenting this app often. There is barely a day that I do not pull this app up and view it during my spare time. I find it easy to connect with many of my friends from high school that I have not seen in years. However, of all of the things that I enjoy about this app, I love that it is user-friendly. This makes opening the app much less stressful and encourages me in order to continue to meet new people. If you would like a better social media site to engage at your own speed, this is the one for you. Install this app now!


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