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If you've been trying to meet new people whether it's to make new friends or to possibly find someone to date, then consider the Tagged dating app. This is more than an app for finding a date for a night during the week. It's an app that allows you to safely find people who you have things in common with before meeting them.






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Description of the App

When you download Tagged, the first thing you’ll do is make a profile. Your profile should offer information that describes some of the things you enjoy doing. Post pictures with your profile so that other people can see what you look like. However, don’t include a lot of personal details that would indicate your address or your phone number. Only when you’re ready for someone to know those details about you should you allow it. You can search for people in the area where you live or even in an area where you plan to visit in the future so that you might know someone in the town, especially if you plan to move to that city.

When you see someone you’re interested in talking to, you can send a message to that person or send a short flirt that lets them know that you like the profile information on the Tagged dating app. There is also an option for you to remove people you don’t want to talk to or who you don’t want to receive messages from in the future. Matches are made based on the information in your profile when you download Tagged, so if it’s detailed, then there is a better chance of being matched with more people.


  • Matches based on similar details
  • Swipe the screen if you like someone
  • Send chat messages in a private setting
  • Games in the app to compete with other people


  • Find friends without leaving home
  • Meet potential dates for the future
  • Find people from across the world


  • Some people might not be who they say
  • Can be difficult to navigate until after a few practice runs


Sometimes, meeting new people can be a challenge. If you aren’t the best with social skills and don’t have lots of time, this app is worth a try. Tagged makes it easier to find people in your area and talk to them in a relaxed setting, leaving the decision of when you want to meet in person up to you. Chat features allow you to disclose more details about yourself when you’re comfortable after you share pictures and information in your profile.


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