HAGO Mobile App Review

Even though mobile gaming apps have come a long way toward mirroring their desktop counterparts, sometimes the most satisfying games are the simplest. The HAGO app offers an incredibly diverse collection of multiplayer games that don't overwhelm you with needless complexity or unnecessary features. You have so many games to choose from that you probably don't have time to master them all, but you can sure have a lot of fun while you try.






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A Variety Of Entertaining Games To Suit Your Fancy

The app also lets you chat by voice with other HAGO app users around the world while you are playing, and it’s easy to use this app for making new friends with fellow gamers. Choosing to download HAGO gives you access to an exciting community of like-minded gaming enthusiasts who all share your passion for duking it out on mobile.

Downloading the app is easy, and HAGO works on both older and newer iOS or Android models.


  • Nearly 100 Games To Play – Select from 75+ classic arcade-style mobile games. Whichever style of arcade game you prefer, this app has one for you in the collection.
  • Join More Than 100 Million Users In Fierce Multiplayer Competition – Users everywhere love this app, and you can jump into the player pool whenever you desire. Whether it’s day or night, you always have plenty of users ready to compete against you.
  • Live Battle Mode – When you are looking to call somebody out for a challenge, just activate the Live Battle feature and get ready to go to war.

Pros Of This Mobile Game Collection

  • It’s a lot of fun to compete with other users in the Live Battle feature. There are so many users and so games to choose from, and there’s always someone to challenge.
  • As far as simple multiplayer gaming interfaces go, this app offers a lot of custom options. You can start your own gaming clique with the Channel feature and gather followers as you get better.
  • Chatting on the Voice Chat feature with other users while you play is a lot of fun.
  • The app includes an enormous number of games to try and master. You never run out of new games to play with HAGO. You can also develop all kinds of critical thinking skills just by playing each type of game.
  • If you have a short attention span, this app is perfect. The games are designed to last three minutes, and you never need to concentrate hard for hours on end.

Cons Of This Mobile Game Collection

  • If you are looking for advanced three-dimensional environments and all kinds of artificial intelligence in the mobile games that you like to play, you will be happier with another app. These games are modeled after old school arcade classics. They also do not take advantage of the latest hardware and technology.
  • The app requires a very fast data connection, and you may need WiFi for stable connections. Some users have reported consistent issues with the app fading in and out on speeds of less than 52 megabits per second (Mbps).


When it comes to mobile arcade game apps, this one leads the pack. The app has a virtually endless variety of games to choose from, and the multiplayer competition makes it a great idea to download HAGO today.


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