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  • House Party

    Houseparty is a social media app designed for teenagers who want to hang out with their friends online. It is available on mobile devices and desktops. With this app, you can video chat with friends. While using the app, you'll be notified when other friends are online and can even video chat with an entire group. Safety features have been integrated into the design of the application.
  • Pinterest

    Pinterest is a social media app that lets you catalog your ideas and inspiration from others. The app is designed to let you search topics and creates a feed of pins you might be interested in.
  • Facebook

    The mobile app for Facebook is a highly used portal to the universal social media platform. It allows you to check Facebook while on the go through your mobile device. It has essentially everything Facebook has, but condensed into a neat app that is accessible anywhere you have a connection.
  • Instagram

    The Instagram app is a social networking tool that lets smartphone users share their photographs and videos on their profiles. It is easy to create a profile and each user gets to decide whether to make it public or private.
  • Snapchat

    Just when I thought it was safe to enter the world of social media, I find a form of communication in a fun and entertaining way called Snapchat. What is Snapchat? If you take the basic messenger form, liven it up with awesome and funny filters, and then make the conversation erasable, you have the beginning of Snapchat. The app has so much more to experience though.
  • TikTok

    Most Downloaded U.S. app of 2019 - That's right! Tiktok had one billion downloads in February 2019 in the U.S. The application comes in 75 languages and is currently available in 150 markets, globally. It's a type of Karaoke for the digital age.

Showing all 6 results