Wayfair Mobile App Review

Wayfair is a popular furniture store where you can get discounted items shipped to your house. They have created a Wayfair app to make shopping for furniture easy. Instead of going to a furniture store, you can go shopping from the comfort and convenience of your home.






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Wayfair Mobile App

Wayfair isn’t your everyday furniture store. Nowadays, people shop Wayfair more often than they would go inside of a store like Aaron’s or Cleo’s furniture mart. You now also have the ability to download Wayfair on your phone. The apps features include a home tab, a shop tab, and a sales section. When you first get the app, they display the most featured and liked items on the app. Inside the app, you have the ability to choose a specific department, and make selections from the choices given. There is also a section where you get room ideas that helps you visualize the furniture you’re wanting to buy before you buy it.

The sales feature is one of the most popular sections, simply because everyone loves to save money. In this section, they offer a wide variety of furniture and home decor that is on sale. These sales can vary from a 10-minute flash sale to a month-long sale. Whatever sale that Wayfair may have, this section will have all the info you need to save money. This section also has a search engine and a list of departments that you can choose from. This gives you the ability to specifically search for items you would like to get for a discounted price.

Features of this App

  • Home & Featured Page
  • Department Shop Section
  • Sales Section
  • Room Ideas Tab
  • Favorites List


  • Organized and Detailed Item Description
  • Sales Section
  • Room Ideas
  • Home Delivery
  • Furniture Diversity


  • Size Listings
  • Out of Stock on Many Items
  • Too Many App Notifications
  • Glitched A lot
  • Can’t Track Order From App


As you can see, the Wayfair app is a new way for you to shop for furniture. All those days of standing in long lines and racing to get the nice discounted furniture are finally over. There’s a new revolutionized way to get furniture and it is to shop at Wayfair. I would highly recommend that you download Wayfair on your device today. This app has changed the way people shop for furniture. It is equipped with multiple features that help maximize your shopping experience.

The home, shop, and sales features give you all the information you need, to get the best out of your shopping experience. The home feature also breaks down the featured items on the website. It also displays the most popular items for new shoppers. The shop feature gives you a list of all of the furniture that the store has to offer. The sales tab is a family favorite because it displays all of the sales that the app has to offer.

Wayfair offers you a lot and asks for little in return. Having the ability to get furniture delivered to your front door should be enough to persuade you to download the app. It is free to make a Wayfair account and the app is also free. You can access the app without an account if you’re just looking out of curiosity, but you are required to make one if you want to buy products. So give it a try, you won’t regret it.


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