Walmart Mobile App Review

The Walmart mobile app is an app that allows customers to search, shop, and save. With this app you can pay for products with the touch of your phone at any of the Walmart locations. One of my favorite parts about this app is the savings catcher. It has helped me save hundreds of dollars.






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Walmart Mobile App

This mobile app has tons of features that allow you to find any kind of product that the store may have. When you download the Walmart app, the first screen that shows up in the search engine. You can search for products by specific departments, from electronics to the baby section. This function has allowed me to find and access items easily online and in-store. There is also a function on the app where you can scan the barcode on a product and it will pull up all of its information. This has helped me get information on products that were either missing a price tag or simply out of place. I have bought several items on this online app, and it is very convenient because there are times where they will have more product availability online than they do in-store.

The online app offers next day shipping for products that total up to $35 or more. They also offer 2-day shipping on a daily basis. Walmart Pay is a function in the app that allows you to pay for your products with a quick scan of your phone. This then makes the transaction payment process a lot faster, all you have to do is link your debit/credit card to the app. The savings catcher is another function in this app that has helped me a lot. After you pay for a product with the app, it saves the receipt online. If the price of the product drops after you buy it, they’ll pay the difference back into your savings account. This has saved me a lot of money, and it has also taken away the responsibility of me having to save receipts and upload pictures of each one.

App Features

  • Walmart Pay
  • Barcode scanner
  • Money Services
  • Store Finder
  • Weekly Ads
  • Baby Registry
  • Wedding Registry


  • Saves Money
  • Next Day & 2 Day Shipping
  • Search Engine Function
  • Finding Products
  • Mobile Pay Function


  • Savings Catcher new online receipt only rule
  • Having to spend $35 in order to get free same-day shipping
  • Store as well as App confusion
  • Total amount error at the end of transaction
  • Product unavailability

As you can see, this is a great app that helps you save time and money. There are many different functions that allow the customers to maximize their experience, whether it’s shopping online or shopping at any of the Walmart locations. I believe that everyone who shops here should download the Walmart app because it will help move the shopping process a lot smoother. This app is very user-friendly when I come to its different functions, such as the mobile pay function, the savings catcher, and the product search engine. All of these functions were made to make the customers’ experience easy and cost-efficient. It has definitely been a great tool for me. I shop here about 5 times a week and each time this app has helped either save time and best of all, save money.


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