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Home Depot’s Mobile App: Does It Really Make Shopping There Easier?

Home Depot’s flagship mobile app has a loyal following among DIY homebuilders and professionals alike. With tons of features to help source items from nearby local stores, this app helps streamline the Home Depot shopping experience. The app makes it easy, for example, to browse local inventory and compare different with one another.


  • Order Straight From The App For In-Store Pickup –With the ability to schedule in-store pickups straight from the app, it’s quick and convenient to reserve an item.
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates From The Nearest Local Stores – Stores are always replenishing their stock levels as new items come in and out.
  • Live Product Comparison –Comparing two products with one another is easy. Just pull them up side-by-side in the app to see the differences.
  • Scan Product Barcodes To See A Detailed List of Specs – No more worrying about asking questions. Just scan the barcode, and the app brings up all of the product specifications.


  • The app makes it easy to find the latest inventory. Never again will you have to call a store to see if they have an item in stock.
  • There are tons of amazing virtual tools embedded in the app for all kinds of DIY projects. I find the virtual measuring tape to be especially useful.
  • It’s easy to access all of my rewards from the store’s loyalty program within the app. I’m able to see exactly how much credit I’ve earned from past purchases, and the statistics update instantly.
  • Live chat from within the app makes it very easy to get answers to all questions. Before I decided to download the mobile app, I would have to spend lots of time with customer support. It would always take several minutes just for me to be able to speak to somebody. Then I would have to wait several minutes more for them to check on the answer to my questions. Not anymore. Now I just open a live chat with Home Depot’s customer support right from this app, and I don’t need to deal with being put on hold or having to drive to a Home Depot near me.
  • New features are continually being added, and it’s very clear the entire company takes technology seriously. Things like Augmented Reality are already being utilized within this app.
  • Even when I decide to go into the nearest physical store to check out a piece of DIY equipment in person, features like barcode scanning come in handy.


  • Even though the live chat feature for customer support is quite useful, it can be a little bit annoying to get disconnected from chats when my internet connection is unstable.
  • All of the options in the app can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s only the case because there are so many features, but using the app can still take a little practice first.
  • The constant updates to the app can require a lot of data for new downloads from time to time.

Concluding Notes

All in all, this is one of the more thorough retail store apps for mobile devices. There’s no fee required to download the app, and the useful tools inside make it a must-have for DIY enthusiasts everywhere.


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