Offer Up Mobile App Review and Download

Offer Up is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google or App Store where the seller can take pictures of no longer wanted items from a mobile device and then upload it in less than thirty seconds, while at the same time having the option to search for items for sale locally.

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About the Offer Up Download for Mobile Devices

The Offer Up download gives people more options to sell (and buy) unwanted items locally. It’s simple to upload these items to sell or to search for items to purchase.  Additionally, users can also talk to and browse the profiles of other users selling items locally; these profiles contain information about the user as well as transaction ratings, history, and badges. Offer Up is one of the largest local mobile marketplace out there today!

Features of Offer Up

ID Verification
With scams being a constant fear nowadays, the Offer Up download offers buyers and sellers some peace of mind when using the app with their use of the TruYou verification system to ensure trust between users.

A User Rating System
Once the transaction is over, users can use a star rating scale to rank their satisfaction with their experience.

A Safe Messaging System
This feature in the Offer Up app gives buyers and sellers the option to message back and forth without having to compromise any personal information.

The Watch Feature
Offer Up gives buyers the option to “watch” certain items; this means that the item will be saved into a folder so it can be looked at later.

The Follow Feature
Buyers and sellers can follow the profiles of their favorite buyers and sellers so they won’t ever miss a thing.

The Hold Offers Button
When a buyer selects this button, the item in question is marked as “sold” and Offer Up takes payment information to ensure that payment is there and once the buyer and seller meet, the buyer has a QR code for the seller to scan.

Additionally, it’s easy for a user to share items on social media from the Offer Up free app.

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Pros of the Offer Up Download

  • The ease of buying and selling locally
  • How simple the app is to use
  • Being able to find great deals on gently used items

Cons of the Offer Up Download

  • Some users find the notification when receiving a message annoying
  • Users cannot add multiple photos to a listing all at once
  • Even though the Offer Up download has systems in place to combat scams, there are some users who will still try to scam other users

Overall, the Offer Up app is a great tool for anyone who wants to sell unwanted items or who are looking for certain gently used items locally. Offer Up is a free app available to download in the Google and App Stores.


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