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With the change of the season approaching, I like to clean my home thoroughly. In the process of cleaning out the clutter, I've noticed that I like to buy a lot of things that I'll only use once, if at all. Instead of throwing them away I hoard them in a closet meant to hang up coats and store winter linens. A part of me feels like I should at least try to get my money back, but with no receipts and being far outside the window of returning items, that possibility is nonexistent. At least, that's what I thought until I stumbled onto this app called Letgo.






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About the Letgo App Download

Surprisingly, the Letgo app download is free to use on your phone from the Android app store or the IOS app store. The premise of the Letgo app is to facilitate a local marketplace where you can buy and sell items you no longer want or need.


  • Post pictures of the item you want to sell, determine the price and post it under your profile
  • Items can be sorted into specific categories
  • Chat with buyers and sellers about items listed for sale in the Letgo app
  • For a small fee, feature your item within its category to attract more buyers

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Pros of the Letgo App Download

The beauty of this easy to use Mobile App is that it lets you take snapshots of your items as you see them and post them directly to your listing. Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, you can write an amazing description to promote why it would be a great buy. It helps if you can tell a story behind the object to really sell why you fell in love with it in the first place. There are also numerous amounts of categories to place items for listing as well.

Categories for Listing Items

  • Featured
  • Cars
  • Real Estate
  • Jobs and Services
  • Electronics
  • Home and Garden
  • Sports, Leisure, & Games
  • Other Vehicles and Parts
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Baby and Child
  • Movies, Books, and Music
  • Other

Cons of the Letgo App Download

As far as the drawbacks, obviously there is a level of concern for safety in meeting with strangers to sell my goods in exchange for cash. For that reason, there are some very important tips, and rules provided by the app to offset those concerns. The only other con I found is the app lags when switching from the internet of my phone provider to the Wi-Fi. I had to post my item several times before it actually posted to my profile.

Certainly, the promise of making some extra cash for things I’ve never used, or barely used, makes me want to post as much of my stuff on Letgo as possible. Without a doubt, I think anyone going through seasonal cleaning should give it a try. So get the Letgo app download free right from the app store on your phone.


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