WordPress Mobile App Review

Boost blogging productivity to all new heights with the WordPress app. All the powerful tools of the WordPress blogging platform are loaded into this great app. Check stats, update your page, or stay up to the minute with the latest news. When you download WordPress, blogging suddenly becomes as mobile as your lifestyle.






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Every WordPress Blogger Needs This App

Mastering blogging has never been easier. This app is as user-friendly as the WordPress website. In moments anyone can be an expert at navigating the handy tool. Track traffic to your blog from your mobile device, and also stay up to date with alerts when there’s a new comment or other action. User stats are on the go, wherever you go, and update blog posts from wherever life leads. It is possible to create an entire website all from the palm of your hand all because of this mobile app. Be the best blogger you can be with WordPress Mobile.

This app makes everything you do on WordPress more efficient. Staying up to the minute with the latest news on your favorite WordPress blogs is easier. Catch up with all the latest blog content you follow from anywhere. Easily like new content with just a tap on your screen. The abilities of this app leave the user wondering how they managed to be productive without it.

Features of the App

  • The app lets the user create new blog posts on their mobile device.
  • It is easy to like and share WordPress content easily.
  • Track stats from anywhere as well as any time.
  • Actions on your blog are alerts delivered to your device.

The perks!

  • Blog on the go.
  • Easy to use, and there’s also no learning curve for this great app.
  • Access the blog reader in order to keep up to date with blogs you follow.
  • Track stats from anywhere on your mobile device in an instant.

What needs work?

  • Difficult in order to create new blog posts with the app in the limited space of a mobile device.
  • No ability to use the block content editor, however, which makes blogging harder from the app.

Take blogging to new levels.

This powerful app puts all the tools to manage your blog right in the palm of your hand. The platform is easy to learn and also has all the great features you count on WordPress to have available. When you download the WordPress add your blogging productivity will soar. The WordPress app makes it possible to track your stats. Checking in on your favorite bloggers is easier. Create new content whenever life takes you. Managing your blog on the go has never been easier because of WordPress Mobile.


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