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With Wordpad, I noticed the immediate benefits of having a simple, straightforward, easy to access note-taking device for capturing what was necessary for both my personal, and professional lives. Not to mention that the Wordpad app is completely free to download.






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About Wordpad for Android

With a number of editing and customizable features, along with the ability to add images, and have your notes spell checked if you are sharing them with a trusted friend or colleague, makes the Wordpad app for Android is an indispensable daily tool.

Take Your Notes With You, Anywhere

When you finally make the Wordpad download, you will begin to see why I mentioned it as an invaluable daily productivity tool. Have you found yourself without the proper tools for note-taking at any point in time? More than likely, there have been many a scenario, but you either brushed it off or scrambled to find another solution.

With smartphone users continuing to grow year over year, the need to have the proper tools at hand will be an increasing one, and the Wordpad download is one to deliver that need.

Don’t Miss a Chance to Capture a Thought or Idea

You know, and I know, that ideas from ourselves and others come and go at a moment’s notice. With the powerful and simple Wordpad for Android or iOS, you can be sure to not lose those sparks of inspiration. The added ability to further refine, edit, save and share your ideas clearly sets this app above just the simple pad and pen.

As you read further, I have compiled some useful benefits, pros, and cons of the Wordpad for Android application, and how it can help you to capture and begin to refine the raw material of note-taking, dictation, or inspiration at a moments notice.


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Benefits of Using Wordpad

  • Set the app to automatically save your documents.
  • Share your documents inside, or outside the application.
  • Use spell check as a support function.
  • The application will support large files.
  • Use multiple type-face or character sets.


  • It is 100% free.
  • The simplicity of use is unmatched.
  • Formatting your text is quite easy.


  • Not an Apple iOS supported smartphone application.
  • Not designed to be a full-featured word processor.

The Wordpad App Will Deliver When It Comes to Simple Text Documenting

Again, your reason for using the application may be similar, or completely different than mine. Let’s hope that by now you have, or are ready to download the application. If so, you’ll likely never forget a thought again. A worst-case scenario could be that you may have to ask someone for a pen and paper instead. Let’s hope there is enough room on the receipt for everything you had in mind.

All joking aside, the Wordpad application is almost best described in the very name itself. It wasn’t designed to be any more than a handy, simple, and easy to use Wordpad for Android application to take notes and perform basic word processing and document sharing.


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