SwiftKey Keyboard Mobile App Review

You're probably getting tired of having the same, boring default keyboard as everyone else with the same phone as you. The customization options are limited and the typing just doesn't feel right. Imagine your ideal keyboard: amazing customization features, shortcut typing, and even the high-speed swipe-to-text. These are only some of the things the Swiftkey app has to offer.

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What is Swiftkey?

Swiftkey is an intelligent keyboard app for mobile devices. It has the incredible power to store your style of typing and language use, then suggest your most common words and emojis, right when you need them.

This is app is packed with features like bilingual typing; you can simultaneously use multiple languages at once. It’s most well-known feature is the ability to swipe from letter to letter, without lifting your finger to create words much faster than peck typing.

Swiftkey Remembers Everything

Once you type a word for the first time, the word is stored by the Swiftkey app and will be presented as a quick suggestion when you start to type it again. This is very useful and will help you to create sentences quicker than ever. Over time, you’ll build up a lot of custom words and names inside your keyboard. Usually, when switching to a new device, you’d have to restart your entire catalog of custom predictions. This isn’t the case for Swiftkey. All of your data can be stored to your Google account, allowing you to save it to the cloud, and later use it on any other mobile device once you download SwiftKey Keyboard.

Emoji Predictions

One impressive feature that this app does very well is the ability to predict the emojis you would use in specific sentences. Once you type at least one word, you can switch to the emoji part of the keyboard to view over two dozen emojis related to the word or words you just typed. This cool feature provides loads of fun for one to have in and of itself.

Customization Heaven

The customization features for Swiftkey are immense. There are dozens of free themes for your keyboard to choose from, and you can even use one of your own images as the background. Create your custom theme using pictures saved from your phone, name it, and save multiple themes to come back to and select at any time.


  • Typing predictions personal to you.
  • Smarter autocorrect.
  • Type in two languages at once.
  • Suggested emojis in order to match your text.


  • Use any image on your phone as your keyboard background.
  • Customize the colors as well as design.
  • Apply different themes inside the app.
  • Types of words to get automatic corresponding emoji suggestions.
  • Swiftkey memorizes full sentences.
  • Dozens of free themes available.
  • Link your Google account and store data to the cloud.


  • Sometimes forgets frequently common words.

With the Swiftkey keyboard app, you can’t go wrong. It has tons of useful features that will have you on your way to typing faster than ever and is extremely customizable to give you a very personal experience. Ditch the old boring keyboards and head to the app right now to download the SwiftKey keyboard.


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