Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile App Review and Download

There's no better presentation and slideshow creation tool than Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the ultimate presentation app and has recently added new features to let creators do their job better.

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What to Know about the PowerPoint Download

Anyone who spends a good deal of time creating presentations will want to get the PowerPoint download app for Android. The capacity of Androids make the process quick and smooth. The Presenter View allows you to show notes and other options on your screen while showing your audience only the slides you have prepared for them.

The app has all the formatting, animations, and tools that you will ever need for making and giving presentations. You also have everything you need to test out new methods of presenting before you try them in action.

Features of the App

There are too many features of the PowerPoint app to count. A few that make it stand out, however, include:

  • Synchronous collaboration, allowing multiple users to log into the same file and edit a presentation in real-time.
  • Design Ideas, an automatic feature that offers you ideas for slide design based on an analysis of what you’ve done so far.
  • An eyedropper tool that lets you take a color from any point within an image and apply the color to the background or shapes of the same slide or template.
  • Ability to use a Surface pen to annotate and draw slides either beforehand or during the presentation.
  • Ability to move objects quickly by holding down the arrow key or tapping them slowly.
  • A time log feature lets you keep track of how long you spend on each slide as well as the presentation as a whole.
  • Ability to transmit a presentation to any browser via a Microsoft account.

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Pros and Cons of the PowerPoint Download

Pretty much all the features of the Powerpoint app are pros. This is the most feature-rich presentation app on the market today. With excellent presenter tools, an abundance of visual aids, and collaboration support, the PowerPoint app delivers on all fronts.

Yet the pros also lead to some cons. For one thing, the high number of bells and whistles can overwhelm a novice user. Having such a variety of tools can also lead to bad presentation making. For example, using the wrong tools that fail to complement a group of slides can lead to poor presentations.

Why You Should Download the App

By now, you probably want to start a PowerPoint download on your mobile device right away. If so, that’s a pretty good idea considering the app is an all-around favorite and top-notch solution for creating slideshows and presentations. The PowerPoint name is synonymous with excellent presentations and is used by everyone from high school students to Ted Talk speakers.

If you’ve been searching for the best presentation app available, a PowerPoint download is likely in your future. If you only need the very basics in terms of slides and text, then a competitor’s app may be preferable. But one thing is for certain – PowerPoint is a powerhouse of a presentation app, and nothing else quite measures up against it.


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