Bamboo Paper Mobile App Review

The Bamboo Paper app allows you to make sketches with color on your mobile device, including especially tablets. It's designed to feel similar to sketching on a regular sketchpad. You can use just about any color and even add photos if you want.

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Bamboo Paper App Description

Those who download Bamboo Paper can use it for anything they want, but it’s common to use it to take notes or even to create material if you’re a teacher. Those taking notes can add photos to add context to drawings, label anything they want, and make many different edits. This includes erasing, filling in, and closing editing and changing colors. You can even make your own colors in the app through the traditional color wheel option. There’s a zoom function on the app that lets you get in real close on your drawings to fill in small details.

There are some unique syncing possibilities through the app, especially if you own a Wacom type device. The app will allow you to export files in formats like SVG, PSD or even just rich test. Plus, the syncing allows you to share your work with others for collaboration. Obviously, this app was designed to work well with tools like the Bamboo Stylus.

Features of the App

  • Start on Paper Then Digitize – One unique feature from Bamboo Paper is that it synergizes with the Bamboo Folio, which is a physical notebook. You can draw whatever you want using a pen on the Bamboo Folio and then digitize them so you can work on them in Bamboo Paper.
  • Multiple Drawing Tools – The app’s simple design includes the traditional drawing tools with many colors that you can create, the “fill” tool and other options for quickly sketching out whatever you need, just as if your tablet was a piece of paper.
  • Export – Bamboo paper lets you export your file to SVG, rich test, or PSD with a quick button click so that you can work on it with a different device if you want.


  • Shortcut – You can add a widget on the home screen for your device to get sketching right away with just one tap. Inspiration is often going to hit randomly, after all.
  • All-in-one Functionality – Just about anything you can think of for sketching is available here, including making your own colors, adding photos, zooming in for fine details and more.


  • Auto Shortcut Glitches – Some of the newer features in the app, such as making a move to bring up the color palette, can sometimes get in the way of just trying to draw normally.

Why You Should Download Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper is an effective tool for artists, students, and anyone else who wants to make a record of just about anything. Part of the reason for this is because there are so many different things you can do in the app. These include adding photos, using the zoom feature for fine details, creating your own colors, and many other options besides.


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