Adobe Reader Mobile App Review and Download

If you were looking for an application that is reliable when it comes to signing, viewing and editing PDF documents, then the adobe reader app is for you. You can now manage all of your documents and through this mobile app that gives you a list of features when organizing PDF files.

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About the Adobe Reader Download

The app can be downloaded to your android cell phone as well as your tablet from Google Play. Once you sign into adobe you can view and edit PDF documents you might have. It is a reliable app you can quickly come to depend on when storing any datasheets, information booklets, or catalogs. Generally speaking, users find this app as an essential tool that can be hard to live without. The download is simple and fast and allows you to get organized in seconds. You also learn to the adobe app can print your PDF files at your leisure. Its features are powerful and allow users to get more control of their PDF documents. To clarify, everything that you can do on the computer can now be done through the adobe reader app with one download to your phone or personal tablet.


  • Users can view PDF files closely using zoom, scroll or search as a result.
  • The application allows for continuous scrolling on one page.
  • You can write notes in your PDF files by using the drawing tools.
  • All text can be highlighted and marked.
  • The app allows you to respond to PDF comments and see all activity.
  • You can share your PDFs with family and friends.
  • Capture and Scan PDF files for free by using your phone.
  • Sign, revise and review documents directly from your phone.
  • Users can print and storage as many files as they want.
  • It is compatible with Dropbox and Google drive.

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Pros of the Adobe Reader Download

  • Update notifications make the application run smoother
  • Transferred documents from your computer simply sync to your cell phone
  • The application is dependable and reliable
  • You can find your PDF files within minutes
  • It handles complicated documents very well
  • It’s easy to add a signature to a document or file
  • Very consistent and user-friendly
  • Works well with android phones

Cons of the Adobe Reader Download

  • Suggestions to subscribe can be annoying
  • Constant error messages
  • Application freezes or crashes
  • Upgrades don’t always go through
  • Some documents don’t save

Without delay, download the Adobe Reader app to your smartphone or tablet to find out how you can easily move within the interface on your phone. PDF files have never been easier to manage and sign, explicitly with this clever application. Many of us surely need an application that lets us capture a file and log it into our phone. The adobe reader download will wash away any worries you have when keeping up with your documents. There is a zoom and edit feature that allows you to have complete control of your PDF file. Furthermore, the adobe reader will let you write notes, read those from friends and share files as well.

The adobe reader allows users to not only put a signature on a document but print it as well. This powerful app is amazing in how it can scan and allow you to upgrade to Acrobat Pro DC. Get the adobe reader download so you can experience the ease of organizing all PDFs and other documents from your mobile device.


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