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  • WordPress

    Boost blogging productivity to all new heights with the WordPress app. All the powerful tools of the WordPress blogging platform are loaded into this great app. Check stats, update your page, or stay up to the minute with the latest news. When you download WordPress, blogging suddenly becomes as mobile as your lifestyle.
  • TeamViewer

    Teamviewer for Remote Control is a handy app that allows you to connect remotely into other devices and control them right from your mobile device. You can connect into just about any connected computer-like device such as a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard

    You're probably getting tired of having the same, boring default keyboard as everyone else with the same phone as you. The customization options are limited and the typing just doesn't feel right. Imagine your ideal keyboard: amazing customization features, shortcut typing, and even the high-speed swipe-to-text. These are only some of the things the Swiftkey app has to offer.
  • Space

    The Space app from Boundless Mind is an app designed to give a rest from habitual and excess use of certain apps. By using techniques like breathing exercises, the app helps break addiction to cell phone usage.
  • SketchUp Viewer

    Do you have a project you want to present and want to use some 3D effects? If so, you should get the Sketchup Viewer app. You can use 3D everywhere in your project to make it lively and different. This app shows exactly what to do so you can bring out your creative side.
  • Send Anywhere

    The mobile app Send Anywhere for file transfers is a lifesaver when you need to move files to co-workers, management, friends or family. It's convenient and easy when using your smartphone to send a document within minutes. No matter where you're located or what time it is, the send anywhere app can transport a file with ease.
  • Screen Master

    The Screen Master app is a screen capture application for mobile devices. Put simply it takes a picture of your current screen and saves it. Being able to take such a picture has several advantages, including troubleshooting and documentation of things that can be changed.
  • Prezi Viewer

    Business presentations can be fun to make and fun to listen to, but they can also be pretty boring if they aren't done right. Unlike other dry and boring presentation software, Prezi takes a different approach. The company uses a combination of the latest cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology discoveries to help you create mind-blowing presentations that captivate your audience's attention.
  • Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook has been my email app for years. It accesses individual email accounts or all of my accounts at once. This app lets me search for emails, contacts, and files stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, and Box. It has a calendar that can show holidays and birthdays gleaned from contacts, Facebook and other calendars and apps. I also can easily add events from my emails to my calendar. The app integrates with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint so that you can easily attach a file your working on to an email and send it from each of those apps.
  • myAT&T

    Mobile and cellular phones is the way fellow Americans and others communicate across the world. This is second nature to most anyone in any community. There are very few places across the globe that have no knowledge of communication with phones in general. Even if they do not have a phone or have access to one, the people are still aware that these exist. Because this is the most widely used form of communication, a vast number of people have them and must pay a bill and everyone knows that when you have a bill you must have some way of keeping up with payments and services. Wouldn't it be great if there was an app for that? Well, there is. Download myAT&T in order to start keeping all of your mobile phone, home phone, and satellite services together and much easier to manage.

Showing 1–10 of 31 results