Snapseed Mobile App Review and Download

The Snapseed for android started as an Android app, but it's currently available for both iOS and Android. It's an application that's used mostly by astute photographers and individuals who want to enhance the photos they've taken. It also has the capability of applying digital filters for a variety of digital and photographic expressions regarding content and scenery.






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About the Snapseed Photo Editing App

The Snapseed app has several photo-editing options that are used by professional photographers. Many others who are interested in Snapseed photo editing should first discuss their state of mind regarding the app and its functions with someone who has been using the app regularly.

These advanced editing tools provided are very similar to Photoshop CC which is the world’s number one digital imaging software. Video and web professionals, as well as designers and photographers, all use Photoshop CC. The Snapseed for android photo app is very similar in that 2D and 3D images can easily be manipulated. Video editing and image analysis are also creative features for expert photographers.

Creating images on the go
Professional photographers, who must create the best images for their clients while on the go, all have the app. The use of edit brushes and film filters is available including Double Exposure, Retrolux, and Lens Blue. You can make photos with scratches on them and light leaks for a retro look. Wandering through color and reshaping tools, such as masking and filters, can create a great many different settings and backgrounds.

Using Stack
The stack is a layer of edits. Use it to eliminate edits and correct text with misspelled wording. Stack brushes can produce a special effect on a part of the picture only. Switch black and white photos to color using Stack, and then back into black and white.

Features of Snapseed

  • It offers an incredible level of control using filters
  • Editing pictures by using swiping gestures for different enhancements
  • Auto color and contrast adjustment
  • Save and redirect editing history
  • Special effects are: Vintage, Frames, Tilt-shift, Center-focus, Grunge, and Drama
  • Share images directly to Instagram and Facebook from the app


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Pros and Cons of the App

There are always pros and cons to all applications. In the case of the Snapseed App for photo editing on Android or iOS, there are a set of photo-editing tools that can be used for any occasion. One of the pros is that there’s a nice selection of filters to use. There’s also a feature where you can go back to the original before you change it! Another positive about this app is that there are many editing brushes. The only con is that you should be an expert at photography to do well using the Snapseed photo editing application.

So why should someone download and install the app on their mobile device?

Make edits using gestures, and also go to the Tone tool where you can swipe up or down. There are several selections you can make such as contrast, ambiance, saturation, highlights, and shadows. When you swipe from left to right, you can decrease or increase the intensity of those effects. Also, you’re able to pinch to resize the brushes. Snapseed offers tutorials on its site for those interested to learn more about how to use the app.


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