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We live in the modern era. Technology is what runs our world and we don't let a day pass by without taking at least one selfie. Any special event, odd things, beautiful landscapes, and funny situations are worthy to document. Let's say that we take one to 5 pictures per day, that will give you 30 to 150 pictures per week and 360 to 1,800 pictures per year. At that pace, you will end up with a phone out of memory space.

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What is the Google Photos App?

Fortunately, the cloud was invented with attention to user preferences, and it consists of data storage external to your device. In fact, the amazing part is that you can access it on any device, any moment, anywhere you are. For example, a great cloud app is the Google Photos download.

This app has been on the market since 2015. Google Photos offers free unlimited storage space for pictures and videos developed by Google. The app processes your pictures by their data and categorizes them as people (with facial recognition), places and things. If you take several similar photos, the Google Photos app will animate these pictures to make it a video or a gif. The app also allows you to create custom albums to store your pictures and videos.

What will you get with the download?

  • Security copies → You will get unlimited security copies of your pictures and videos free.
  • Accessibility → The app is easy to access from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Finder function → The app includes a search section where you will be able to type simple keywords, like beach or cat, and be able to find all the pictures where these are in.
  • Easy to share → The app content is easy to share and you don’t even have to extract the content from the app. Just make an album and enable the share option so your family and friends can access it.

google photos download

Although, you might be thinking about how trustworthy is the app. Well, I have made my research and read one and another Google Photos review, and here is what I got.


  • Free Storage – You get 15 GB of free storage
  • Allows you to edit your photos
  • Easy to search through


  • Does not includes a video editing tool
  • Can’t edit the content on the automated gifs and videos

As a recap, this app is an essential tool to store your precious photos and videos without consuming your device’s memory space. In the event you want more proof of these statements, read other Google Photos reviews and take the test by doing a Google Photos download.


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