Zedge Mobile App Review and Download

Zedge ringtone download has been installed over 170 million times! It's an app with ringtones and alert tones. You can customize the app icon and also find some cool wallpapers there. It's iOS and Android-compatible so that everyone can enjoy it.






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*Zedge download will initiate from a third party website.

About the Zedge Ringtone Download

The Zedge was founded in Norway in 2003 by three friends. These were Paul Shaw, Tom Arnov as well as Kenneth Sundnes. In 2016, the parent company for Zedge went public and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At this time, Zedge ringtone download is a content discovery platform for mobile devices and was first only Android compatible. However, content can be downloaded and customized on any smartphone today, including any iOS device.

How to use the app in 6 easy steps:

1) Go to www.zedge.com on your computer’s internet browser
2) Get an account
3) Select the type of phone you are going to use
4) Select the song and click on it
5) Click a blue button that says “Get Ringtone”
6) Select and save the ringtone onto your device or computer

Features of the App

  • Find one of a kind background wallpapers. The best thing is that it’s all free! There’s a large selection of wallpapers.
  • The wallpapers, stickers, and ringtones are tailored to match any look or mood.
  • Time to personalize your phone with live and unique HD wallpaper and one-of-a-kind.
  • You can search for FREE live alarm sounds that match your interest or find any ringtone.
  • Catalogs with a large selection of special stickers and customized sounds are also available.
  • It’s the first app that makes sure your phone will reflect your personality!

zedge ringtone download mobile screens

Pros and Cons of Zedge

Obviously, there are the pros and cons that need to be looked at and analyzed. However, because there’s nothing like the Zedge app around, many users of the app do not see any cons to it.

  • There are at least 35 million active users of the app and it has been downloaded more than 260 million times! Now that’s something to talk about.
  • The Zedge app has a recommendation engine that can find and also analyze the data that the user likes. This is also a great help if someone wants to create a customized and personalized ringtone or wallpaper.

Why would someone want to download and install the app?

  • The ability to meet challenges are highly pleasing at the company headquarters
  • It’s really easy to find and install the app on all types of electronic devices
  • The team is passionate, although it’s not very large, and talent is more than just skills. That’s the way the company sees and promotes itself, and not to mention, it’s positive and it works!
  • Some local artists and famous musicians from around the world already use the Zedge app to create their content. They also keep coming back for its features.
  • The quality and service are pretty well-known on a global scale.
  • This platform has software which recommends very appropriate content. Use the system tools whenever for the discovery platforms.
  • Plus, the development and maintenance costs are all reduced when using this type of personalized content for mobile devices and websites.
  • Users of the app don’t want downtime and are also always having a great experience no matter what time of the day it is or where they are.


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