Yahoo News Mobile App Review

Some times you can catch the news on television. Some times you can catch it in the newspaper, and some times you can catch the news by word of mouth, but none of these options seem feasible when you are on the go and have very little time to sit still. A news app can be important as far as local, national, and global news. Anyone can access news across the world and find out what is going on at that very moment. This app is a great way to be aware of current events and to avoid dangerous places or events. By downloading Yahoo News, you will be helping yourself simplify an event that could take up so much of your time that you will have to miss going to extracurricular activities.

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Yahoo News

This app is used to communicate many different areas of news across the world. As a user, you will be able to select your preferences so that you will not be overloaded with the news. You can also set those preferences to allow you to get more news. This app offers some of the most trending stories from trusted sources. This app even offers live videos that may include press conferences or news releases that can keep you tuned in to your news regardless of what you have to do that day. This is one of the top news apps because they stay up to date and ready to post as soon as they know any information about the most important topics at that time.

Yahoo News Features

The following is a list of Yahoo’s features:

  • Available in 49 languages including English, French, and Spanish.
  • Has weather notification.
  • Offers location services.
  • Works with most smartphones.
  • Allows for connection to social media sites in order to share stories

Yahoo News App Pros

There are many positive aspects of this app that you will find yourself enjoying. Below are just a few of those pros that may be most beneficial to you:

  • Option to follow your favorite topics.
  • Ability to give feedback and the moderators will respond.
  • You’ll love the breaking news aspect of this app.

Yahoo News App Cons

This app doesn’t come with many cons, but you can take a look at the following list to see which two aspects of the app that are nonbeneficial:

  • Crashes rather often.
  • Requires manual updates.

Download Yahoo News

If you haven’t stopped reading to download, make sure that you do as soon as you are finished. Upon downloading this application, I found that Yahoo has the best set of stories, and these stories are complete and accurate. I also found that the material is most often detailed with little error. More than anything, I have enjoyed accessing the archives for articles. This has presented great reading material and I hope It will continue to grow.


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