The Washington Post Mobile App Review

When you want to stay caught up on all the recent news there is only one place to go. The Washington Post has everything you would want and more. Not only will you be up to date, but you will also get to enjoy some great fun too.

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The Post Is More Than Complete

Everything you could possibly want in one mobile app. That is what you get when you use the mobile app. For all the latest news, weather in and around the DC area, games, and crossword puzzles this is where you need to be. The Post’s mobile app includes podcasts to listen to for times you are driving to work or back home. The app is super easy to download, read and move through to locate your favorite sections. With the Washington Post app, you get every newspaper section, from opinions to podcasts, world news to the latest on the Impeachment inquiry.

Quit the endless searching all over the internet looking for a specific story. The Washington Post mobile app has some of the world’s best reporters, who ask the important questions and get the answers we need. The Post also gives you a way to chill out and relax after a long hard day of work. Enjoy the games, live chats or get some advice from the advice columns. The headlines are easy to search through when you are looking for a certain subject. The Post has kept you and your busy life in mind, making it easy to use.

All That You Want, Plus More

Not every app is able to include everything as the Washington Post has. They included what they knew you would search for. Features such as weather in and around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Interesting and visually beautiful articles. Sections such as Religion, Science, and of course the sports section which covers all the top sports and games. But, that is not all, you will also get:

  • All the latest news from around the world
  • Podcasts, videos and live stories
  • Games, crossword puzzles and humor
  • Trial subscription at a very affordable price

You can also enable notifications so that you get all the breaking news that you need to know. You want your news to be reliable and truthful, this is it.

The Pros and The Cons


  • Easy to scroll through as well as use
  • In-depth coverage of all the news
  • Ability to backtrack to find certain articles
  • The Post is first with the latest news


  • Issues may be had when trying to advance to the next page
  • Can be difficult in order to bookmark or share some articles

Stop trusting all the others to give you the important news, read the Washington Post and you will get it all first. The Washington Post mobile is the trustworthy news you need. So when you want the best, go to the best and download the Washington Post app. Having the app handy allows you to read the Washington Post at anytime that you have time.


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