The Guardian Mobile App Review

The Guardian News app is called "The Guardian – Live World News, Sports & Opinion." The app allows you to connect directly into news stories from the popular Guardian online newspaper. This way, you can read everything right from your phone or mobile device, no matter where you are.

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The Guardian News App Description

A basic breakdown of the app is that it lets you read articles from The Guardian on just about any topic you can imagine. This includes articles about major global events, sports, political stories, business events, and more besides. The Guardian has won awards for its journalism, so expect strong journalism every time you open the app. Having this approach makes it much easier for you to get your news whenever and wherever you want.

Plus, the app has multiple premium options including getting a daily crossword puzzle where you can fill it in and see whether you’re right or not until you fill in everything. It’s a full game with full game functionality. In addition, you have the option to try out premium status for a week without being locked into paying anything

App Features

  • Live Updates-You can watch your app give you live updates of sports events and scores, as well as other stories as they happen. It’s worth noting that this is a premium feature, however.
  • Control Your Feed-Choose what stories come in on top and which don’t so you’re always getting info that relates the most to your interests.
  • Crossword Puzzles-If you want to keep your mind sharp, you can do this right through the app. It’s been proven that a crossword a day can keep dementia away, for example. This is also premium content.

App Pros

  • Customizable-You aren’t at the mercy of whatever the designers think is most relevant. Instead, you can choose what stories you see.
  • Free Trial-You can try out the premium version of the app for 7 days for free to see if you like it before you commit to anything.

App Cons

  • Premium Cost-If you want more than just the basic functionality, you’ll have to pay for the premium content.

Why Should You Download The Guardian?

You should download The Guardian if you’re a big fan of the articles that they put out. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s worth checking out a few articles first to see if they write in a style and with a point of view that you like. Since the basic functionality of the app is free, you don’t really lose anything if you download it. From there, you can figure out whether you want to go premium or not. The crossword feature will also be good for big crossword fans.


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