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  • Yahoo News

    Some times you can catch the news on television. Some times you can catch it in the newspaper, and some times you can catch the news by word of mouth, but none of these options seem feasible when you are on the go and have very little time to sit still. A news app can be important as far as local, national, and global news. Anyone can access news across the world and find out what is going on at that very moment. This app is a great way to be aware of current events and to avoid dangerous places or events. By downloading Yahoo News, you will be helping yourself simplify an event that could take up so much of your time that you will have to miss going to extracurricular activities.
  • The Washington Post

    When you want to stay caught up on all the recent news there is only one place to go. The Washington Post has everything you would want and more. Not only will you be up to date, but you will also get to enjoy some great fun too.

    The USA Today app is a magazine and newspaper app that has revolutionized the way we all get daily news. No more standing in crowded line in stores to get the newspaper out of the box. You now have all of the sports information, breaking news, and political debates that your normal newspaper would give you.
  • TopBuzz News

    Whether you can't get enough of celebrity gossip or you never have enough time in the morning to catch the news, TopBuzz News has all the current headlines to keep you up-to-date with what's going on in the world. Download TopBuzz News to get the latest gossip, politics, trending videos and more.
  • The Guardian

    The Guardian News app is called "The Guardian – Live World News, Sports & Opinion." The app allows you to connect directly into news stories from the popular Guardian online newspaper. This way, you can read everything right from your phone or mobile device, no matter where you are.
  • SmartNews

    Watching the news is a stressful process. Many times it makes users becomes upset and develop anxieties about life. There is a declining aspect of receiving news via the newspaper and the television and therefore people search for another way to get their news. Apps that make news available to readers is one of the greatest creations this century because the ease of use is tremendous and has allowed the ones who find watching the news or trying to catch the show on television able to relax and read or watch related videos when available. Downloading Smart News is a great idea for anyone who wants alerts about current events and what is happening across the world.
  • Reuters News

    With a worldwide network of several thousand journalists that operate in than 150 countries, Reuters is synonymous with impeccable reporting. The Reuters news app on mobile leverages the network's powerful connections to deliver the world's most important current events straight to your mobile device.
  • Reddit

    Reddit's mobile apps have allowed the company to regain control over its official mobile experience. They handle GIFs, photos, and Reddit NFL videos with ease. With features such as in-app chat, moderator tools, and live comment feeds, it's easy to see why the official Reddit mobile app has become so popular.
  • Readly

    The days of walking to the newsstand on the corner of the street to pick out your favorite magazine before you head off to work are long gone. You can still do it, of course, but it isn't very efficient. When you download the Readly app, however, you can get unlimited access to all of your favorite magazines directly on your smartphone or tablet. Readly partners with thousands of the world's top magazines to offer you millions of pages of reading material for one low monthly price. You can even store magazine content for offline reading if you prefer.
  • Podcast Player

    A podcast player is an episodic series of digital video and audio that users can download and listen to. Podcasting often uses a subscription model, where videos and audios automatically play via web algorithm to user’s computer, mobile device, or portable media device. In most cases, the files broadcasted are usually in audio format, but sometimes it may include other forms such as EPUB or PDF. Videos shared through podcasts are referred to as video podcasts, vodcasts, or vlogs.

Showing 1–10 of 31 results