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Tune In To The Latest Mobile Radio App With two different versions available, the TuneIn Radio app offers high-quality streaming radio for Galaxy phones and iPhones alike. The app is also available for tablet devices, and it's easy for anybody to download TuneIn Radio.

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Is The TuneIn Mobile Radio App Worth A Try?

Unlike other mobile radio apps, this app specializes in providing users with international radio broadcasts and access to podcasts. In addition, the app offers radio services without monthly subscription pricing. The basic version of this app is free, but the Pro version is ad-free in exchange for a single payment.

Features of the App


  • Listen To Podcasts Straight From The Radio App –The app features more than 5 million podcasts easy download and listening.
  • Free Version –The TuneIn app has a free version with a lot of functionality, and the Pro version is available for a one-time cost of $10.
  • No Recurring Monthly Subscription Fees –Since the Pro version only requires one payment for lifetime access, I never have to worry about getting billed every 30 days.
  • International Channel Searching –The app not only provides me with access to local radio stations nearby, but I’m also able to catch up on world events by going straight to the source. The app’s easy search features make it simple to find radio stations that are thousands of miles away.
  • Intuitive Interface –The buttons are bright and clear, and so are the menus in the app.


  • Pricing is very inexpensive, as the Pro package only costs $10.
  • The app has a huge variety of radio stations to choose from. According to the latest release materials, the TuneIn app features more than 90,000 radio channels.
  • Certain aspects of the app are OpenSource.
  • International radio stations are easily accessible. Even though I’m currently based in America, I’m able to access radio stations in countries like Japan and Sweden.
  • The app has lots of different channel types to choose from. I can flip back and forth between local sports radio and the latest political news from around the world. In addition, I can listen to my favorite podcasts directly from the app.
  • I can pause live radio tracks while they are playing. This comes in handy when I’m listening to an interview, but I have to step away from my mobile device for a minute. By pausing the audio, it’s easy to save my spot and then pick up right where I left off when I return to my tablet or phone.
  • In addition to being able to pause live radio broadcasts with the app, I can also rewind live tracks. I like this feature because it helps with a lot of the educational material that I tend to listen to on the app. If there is ever something that I don’t quite understand, I simply use the app to pause the audio and rewind to the part that I need to review.


  • The sound quality is highly dependent on my mobile device’s signal strength. If I’m in an area with questionable WiFi, I’m not able to play live tracks at full quality.
  • Some of the international stations tend to fade in and out.

Parting Words

While TuneIn Radio might not be as widely recognized as some other mobile radio apps on the market, the app comes at a great price and boasts some pretty unique features. To put this app to the test, download TuneIn Radio for either Android or iOS today.


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