Wordscapes Mobile App Review and Download

If you love crossword puzzles, then the Wordscapes app is for you. Its popularity has drawn nearly 10 million people to download the application to their smartphone or tablet directly from Google play. The Wordscapes app is an addictive game that challenges your vocabulary and your brain.






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The Wordscpaes App Review

One Wordscapes app review mentions how fun it is to use the letters to try new words to get to the next level. For the purpose of testing your skills, there’s a challenge at each level that brings more coins to the piggy bank.

If you enjoy pushing your brain power, then the Wordscapes App is the best download you’d want to have on your Android phone.  It is a word puzzle game that you can play for hours. Because of its thousands of puzzle choices where you can make words out of the letters that appear on the screen, it’s constantly changing and making you think harder each time. However, it’s a simple game that anyone can play and enjoy. In addition to that, it’s one of the best crossword puzzle apps for those who are fans of pushing their brainpower to an extreme.


  • It has over 6,000 puzzles within the software.
  • There are various levels to compete on and challenge yourself to pass.
  • You get to have bonus words that you can save that may not fit in each puzzle.
  • You gain more coins to your piggy bank at each level.
  • It offers hints if you become stuck when solving any puzzle.
  • Users can mute the sound when playing the game.

wordscapes app review


  • The game is very easy to use
  • It’s easy to move up in levels
  • It helps with your spelling and vocabulary
  • You learn to use words by making patterns and rhyming
  • Great healthy brain exercise


  • Too many ads interrupt the game-play
  • Application freezes or crashes
  • Loading times are slow after viewing an advertisement
  • Advertisements are very long

Without a doubt, the Wordscape mobile app is addicting to those who love challenging crossword puzzles. For example, one Wordscapes App review by a customer noted how they felt like they were exercising their mind every time they used this application.  The Wordscapes app never fails to deliver as they are thousands of puzzles to choose from. After you reach one level, you can collect a list of coins you can later use for rewards.  Wordscapes allow adults or children to use this as a great educational tool right in the palm of their hands.

Each level will test your vocabulary and ability to link the letter together and make words from the dictionary.  It keeps users alert and improves your spelling. This app is worth downloading to experience the fun and so you can enjoy creating words for hours to place in puzzles. Many users love Wordscapes because of its easy interface and functionality.  You will find that at each level there are many steps to it. Download the Wordscapes app today and find out how you can enhance your learning through this mobile app.


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