Spider Solitaire Mobile App Review and Download

Spider Solitaire is a mobile version of the game where the goal is to achieve a matching suit run from Kings to Aces in each column the cards are laid out. When a run is achieved it's swept off the table. The game is won when the table is empty.

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About the Spider Solitaire Download

The original game takes on new life in the Spider Solitaire download with colorful, stunning graphics. With the free Spider Solitaire mobile app, classic gameplay on the go is the key feature. However, there are other gameplay options with this download, such as Daily Challenges and the ability to choose a different background for different games.

Played just like the classic game, the free Spider Solitaire download uses two full decks of cards for gameplay. Play the game as follows. Divide the two decks into 10 tableaus; 6 cards are featured in the first 4 tableaus, and the other 6 contain 5 cards apiece. Begin the game with the card at the top of each tableau being turned face up while all the others remain face down. The 50 cards left over are in a stockpile located at the top of the screen. The free Spider Solitaire app has added three new themes for added entertainment including Rainy Day, New Year’s, and Spring.

Features of the App

  • Take on a New Challenge Every Day with Daily Challenges
  • Different daily puzzles that consist of challenging Spider Solitaire games, rewarding crowns to successful challengers.
  • Brain Challenges – This feature allows more advanced skill level play, exercising the brain from one suit to four.
  • The Ability to Customize Games
  • Players can keep tabs on their stats and customize layouts, card-backs, and backgrounds.
  • Classic Spider Solitaire
  • Of course, the Spider Solitaire free download wouldn’t be complete without the classic option with suits from 1 to 4.


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Pros and Cons of the Spider Solitaire Download

Free Spider Solitaire users have reported the following pros and cons of the mobile app. On the positive side, players have found user satisfaction with the graphics, enjoy the Daily Challenges, and like the unlimited amount of uses of the “Undo” button. On the negative side, players have pointed out that the game is not a multiplayer platform, it becomes quite repetitive, and there is a push for in-app purchases.

Overall, the Spider Solitaire free download is a great app for anyone who wants to have the classic game accessible from any mobile device, and it’s easy to download from the Google and Apple Stores. With classic gameplay as well as the more modern mobile adaptations and new Daily Challenges, this is a game download that will appeal to players of all ages.


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