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The Hello Neighbor app is a Dynamic Pixels survival horror game. Players must sneak into their neighbor's basement to see what he or she is hiding down there. The game is unique because it uses artificial intelligence (AI). This technology remembers what gamers have done in previous attempts and adjusts obstacles in the area, such as setting booby traps, for the next gameplay.

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About the Hello Neighbor Download

The Hello Neighbor download for mobile devices is a first player stealth game that starts with you moving into a new neighborhood. Everything is great, but you can’t help but notice the strange neighbor across the street. Eventually, curiosity gets the best of you, and you decide to break into the neighbor’s home to find out what he’s keeping in his basement. To do this, you’ll need to solve puzzles and complete specific tasks to gain the items needed to get to the basement and unlock the door. To access these puzzles and tasks, the player must explore the neighbor’s home unseen and uncaptured. If caught or injured by the scary neighbor, you’ll have to start all over again. Except, the next time you try to get into the neighbor’s house, the game will remember how you gained access before and will make your next attempt more difficult.

Mobile Game Features

  • Video Game Artificial Intelligence
  • Hello Neighbor uses artificial intelligence to predict behaviors in character, first-player games.
  • First-Person Perspective
  • First-person perspective, which means it is a single-player game where the player is the main character.

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Hello Neighbor Download Pros and Cons

The game is very popular with players that enjoy stealth strategy games. Its first-person play allows the character to interact with others and gain objects that will help fulfill tasks. With AI technology, every trip through the neighborhood is different, which is exciting for some players and frustrating for others. For those that want to play the game, but aren’t up to speed with the pace or aggressiveness of the cranky neighbor, the game does have a more friendly setting, which makes it easier to play. However, horror game fans may find the easier version to simple for their skill level. The horror theme of the game, as well as the thought of someone being held hostage in a basement,  maybe too intense for some players.

Get the Hello Neighbor Download Today

If you’re feeling heroic and want to uncover mysteries, you’ll love playing this game. Outsmarting artificial intelligence and strategizing will keep you entertained for hours. Each puzzle yields rewards while missteps will cause you to rethink everything as you start over. However, in the end, you’ll finally know what your mysterious neighbor is keeping in his basement.


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