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On June 4th, 2010, Jim Bonacci who had designed the Happy wheels download, made the app available for video game players. The Happy Wheels app is a game that was developed and released by Fancy Force. It has a ragdoll physics platform that involves several players at the same time. Characters use different vehicles while playing a graphically violent game involving many different levels. All game maps are on public servers so there's a good deal of interaction between the online virtual players.

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About the Happy Wheels Download

There are almost 5 million user-generated levels available on the Happy Wheels download. It’s a FREE online game that uses a procedure called Ragdoll physics: A type of animation that’s different from the usual inactive death animations used in spirited films and video games. There’s also a lot of ragdoll animation going on in the game with limp personages who can’t do or say much, but who are part of the session until it ends. Many may even be wounded or dead before the vehicle gets to the finish line. If you like to see accidents and animated gore taking place, this is a challenging game for you. The characters and players do finally reach their destination, although maybe not in one piece!

Features of the App

  • You can learn to play this game graphically, as well as just playing it with the animation feature turned on.
  • Turn on the “Control” button to play with the graphics.
  • In happy wheels unblocked, the player can select the character it wants and set his battleground.
  • Then all you need to do is roll in the wheels to the final destination.
  • Muting and turning the sound on while playing the game is optional.
  • User-friendly controls such as the left and right shift control, the z, space, and the pointers.
  • Up key = acceleration
  • Down key = deceleration
  • Right key = lean forward
  • Left key = lean backward


happy wheels download screenshot of gameplay

Pros and Cons of the Happy Wheels Download

The happy wheel is a well-animated app. Some complicated graphics have been put together for the animation part of the game (controlled by adults). Unlike most other games, you can control the graphics that show the blood, injuries, and death.
One con about this game is that it might be too graphic for some. Select the filter on the graphics to avoid the blood and injuries if you’re one of those people.

So why should someone get a Happy Wheels download?

The Happy Wheels app is quite simple to play and mostly a fun game. The animation uses Ragdoll physics. The character you select to play the game will go up and down, and left and right. He will go past and over a variety of obstacles in his path each time and will bump into many of those. The vehicle is always on wheels. At times the character will hit a wall or his child may fall from behind the bike your character is driving to his destination. Take on the challenge of this electrifying and enjoyable gameplay with other players!


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