Geometry Dash Mobile App Review and Download

Be prepared for a game that will challenge your skill as well as your patience. To say Geometry Dash is a difficult game is an understatement. It's extremely challenging, but in a fun way. The game tested not just your idea of strategy but any kind of patience you have.

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About the Geometry Dash Download

The Geometry Dash download is a great game that involves trying to fit a square through an environment where one little mistake can put you at the beginning. Before you end up throwing your mobile device in disgust and anger, think about the fun you’re having! I had to remind myself a few times. Geometry Dash is fun and challenging. There is a way to find easier levels.

Benefits of the App

  • Fun- the app is very fun to play
  • Addictive- the game is hard to put down
  • Challenging- this is one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played

geometry dash download screenshot of gameplay

Pros of Geometry Dash

The positives of the Geometry Dash download are aplenty. First, you have to really put your mind to the task. This is not an easy game and it requires the utmost attention to play. Second, it tests your patience which can both a good and bad thing. If you like challenges, the Geometry Dash APK is for you. It is one of the more challenging games I’ve played on a mobile device. The Geometry Dash APKinvolves strategy and agility. Be prepared for a challenge.

The Geometry Dash free download is a bit different than the paid application. It has just as many challenges, but not as many levels. The Geometry Dash free download will still leave you reeling in the challenge of the game.

Cons of Geometry Dash

On the negative side of the game is again, the challenge. This is a hard game. It’s not for those who have little or no patience. The slightest mistake and boom! you’re at the beginning of the stage. If you are familiar with the console game Cup Head, you understand just how hard a challenge like this can be. The Geometry Dash APK is chock full of challenges and will definitely test your patience. While this may not seem like a negative to some, for others, it can be a definite deterrent. I played the game for the first time and quickly failed (within seconds), and didn’t want to play anymore. But the gamer in me wanted that challenge, and I wasn’t about to let a mobile game stop me from trying. This is the spirit you need when playing the game.

You should download this mobile game because it will keep your mind spinning. It is a definite challenge, but it is a fun challenge. To say the least, it’s not boring and you may even find the challenge to be addictive at times. Just remember…your mobile device costs money so try not to throw it across the room.


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