Fortnite Mobile App Review and Download

The Fortnite app allows you to bring a dynamic gaming experience wherever you go. Action-packed gameplay, real-time team communication, weapons, fast-paced building, and the moves you know and love are in the palm of your hand on your mobile device. I have experienced the Fortnite download on mobile devices firsthand and I can tell you the experience is awesome on both Android and iOS platforms.






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Is the Fortnite App Worth the Download?

Fortnite is a free battle royale mobile game. The Fortnite mobile app download includes a detailed world with weapons and materials to build with as you fight to be the last player standing. The rich world features an interactive map, the ability to build, and the ability to destroy things. Weapons and ammunition are scattered throughout the environment for you to pick up. This allows you to reload your weapons and build during gameplay. Additional items are also available for purchase to enhance your experience. Characters can interact with each other throughout the game, and you can also upgrade your skin and change your character to your liking with items in the store.

Gameplay begins after selecting your game mode (Individual or Team) and choosing a server to join. Invite your friends to a private party, or you can enter the next available game. Games include 100 players, and they take about 10 seconds to load. To start the game, everyone boards a flying battle bus in which you’ll commence in a fully maneuverable freefall towards the world to reach your desired target on the map. Once on the ground, players gather weapons and supplies, build shelters for protection or other structures to reach high ground, and shoot each other until only one player remains. Meanwhile, a storm closes in, shrinking the game field, which forces interaction between players. Gameplay continues until you die from the storm, die in battle, or emerge victoriously. Most games last around 20 minutes.


  • Interactive map and rich environment.
  • Individual or Multiplayer Team modes offer flexible gameplay.
  • Real-time communication is available with team members.
  • Fast-paced Shooter with intense combat action and multiple weapon options.
  • Weapon control options including autofire, tap anywhere or tap on dedicated screen areas to fire.
  • Customizable characters with skins, gestures.
  • Full navigation and information control on-screen to see team status, health, kills and players left in the game.

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Fortnite Mobile App Pros

What are the Fortnite App Pros? First off, the game is free. The portable, action-packed gameplay is similar to PC and console experiences. Therefore, controls on the mobile app are easy to use and intuitive. Next, cross-platform gameplay makes it easy to play with friends. The game also lets you customize characters, and multiple weapon control options are easy to use. The game is easy to learn in a short timespan. Finally, quick gaming sessions mean anyone can play, whether they have a lot of time or not.

Fortnite Mobile App Cons

I do not have a lot of cons for the Fortnite mobile app download. The Fortnite download does take a long time. The Fortnite download on mobile requires the same updates as on other platforms. On both mobile platforms, you cannot leave the Epic Games Installer while the updates are downloading.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Fortnite for all types of gamers, young or old, casual or hardcore. The game is enjoyable if you spend time and money upgrading the characters and weapons, or if you play it as is. This game has something for everyone, so get the app today!


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