Creative Destruction Mobile App Review and Download

Creative destruction is a shooter game similar to its clone, Fortnite. Your character’s role is one of 100 players that are basically playing to the end. This type of play mode is also called Last Man Standing. If you happen to make become the last player to stand in a game of Last Man Standing you earn the title “Dawn Star.”

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About the Creative Destruction Download

Creative destruction download starts where you are parachuted onto a map where you will compete by collecting weapons and build fortifications that help you block battle fire as well as reach high places on the map. Using fortifications will help you outlive the match longer, especially if you become an avid player and build to be the last man standing. You don’t have to stick with solo matches since there is an option to play with a friend or even a team.

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Featured Weapons in Gameplay


This weapon exclusive helps you dismantle trees, cars, and houses to use when you build.


There are three types of pistols available to use which include the 92F, P357, and P229. Each of the pistols is great for close-range battles but each has individual features. The individual features include multiple shots before loading and a 2 times scope. Some of the downsides with using a pistol are that they have small magazine sizes and are slow to reload

Submachine Gun

The submachine gun has an incredible fire rate for fast-paced battle action. The three available submachine guns are the UMP9, UZI and PL Plasma SMG.

Assault Rifle

The assault rifle is more of a casual weapon that the player can fall back on when they aren’t using any other weapon. The five assault rifles include the SCAR, VHS, XM8, AK47 and ST40 Power Rifle.

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is a weapon to use during sneaky long-range attacks from behind trees. It always has a scope to run-down your enemy. The two sniper rifles include the AWP and VSS.


There are eight special weapons, also known as epic drops that can be used in a battle. All of the special weapons include the X111 Stinger SMG, RPG7, MGL, M5 Flame Thrower, X-1 Future Arch, M134, RG Railgun, and the P95 Photon Emitter.


The throwable items in-game consist of a Grenade, Threaten Bomb, and Bowling Bomb. Each does a bit of damage and is great to use in team matches.


Shotguns are great weapons for causing high damage in the close-range. Shotguns are known to do severe Area of effect damage when battling your opponents. The two shotguns available are the DTR and S1897

Two of their other features include a map database that includes 14 different names of places and costumes that you can put your character in while battling.

Pros and Cons of the Creative Construction Download


  • Creative destruction is a free game that can be played on android mobile. You don’t have to pay to play.
  • There are many weapon selections to use in the game which makes battles more exciting.
  • The map is very big so you don’t run out of room to play with 100 different opponents


  • The graphics are not the greatest. It is a bit blocky but it is a mobile game after all
  • Downloading the game requires a large space on your phone. The creative destruction download size is approximately 1.5 gigabytes in size.

If you enjoy Fortnite and want to give a different game a try, perhaps on mobile, Creative Destruction download is available on android. All you have to do is go to the google store on your phone and search for the creative destruction APK then download it. Make sure you have plenty of room on your phone because as said before, the creative destruction APK is a large file.


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