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  • BitLife

    BitLife, also known as BitLife: Life Simulator, is a mobile app video game. In the game, players try to survive a digital life. However, they are faced with struggles and obstacles that are often humorous.
  • Granny

    Granny is a horror game mobile app, where granny is trying to keep me locked in her house and my goal as the player is to escape. Escaping her house requires being extremely quiet because she will hear even the smallest sound causing her to come running after you.
  • Gacha Life

    The word Gacha, in Japanese, means a toy machine in which you place coins. It's similar to a virtual vending machine. It's also a Japanese technique for Monetization used by free-to-play games that's quite successful everywhere these days. The Gacha Life App download is FREE. Dress up your character and explore a virtual school, a library and go to town with your character.
  • Happy Wheels

    On June 4th, 2010, Jim Bonacci who had designed the Happy wheels download, made the app available for video game players. The Happy Wheels app is a game that was developed and released by Fancy Force. It has a ragdoll physics platform that involves several players at the same time. Characters use different vehicles while playing a graphically violent game involving many different levels. All game maps are on public servers so there's a good deal of interaction between the online virtual players.
  • Spider Solitaire

    Spider Solitaire is a mobile version of the game where the goal is to achieve a matching suit run from Kings to Aces in each column the cards are laid out. When a run is achieved it's swept off the table. The game is won when the table is empty.
  • Hello Neighbor

    The Hello Neighbor app is a Dynamic Pixels survival horror game. Players must sneak into their neighbor's basement to see what he or she is hiding down there. The game is unique because it uses artificial intelligence (AI). This technology remembers what gamers have done in previous attempts and adjusts obstacles in the area, such as setting booby traps, for the next gameplay.
  • Geometry Dash

    Be prepared for a game that will challenge your skill as well as your patience. To say Geometry Dash is a difficult game is an understatement. It's extremely challenging, but in a fun way. The game tested not just your idea of strategy but any kind of patience you have.
  • Candy Crush Saga

    The Candy Crush Saga app is a matching game with thousands of levels to complete. It’s ranked #15 on the top 200 list for puzzle apps. Millions of people have Candy Crush Saga downloaded on their mobile devices, making it one of the most popular mobile games ever played.
  • Creative Destruction

    Creative destruction is a shooter game similar to its clone, Fortnite. Your character’s role is one of 100 players that are basically playing to the end. This type of play mode is also called Last Man Standing. If you happen to make become the last player to stand in a game of Last Man Standing you earn the title “Dawn Star.”
  • Wordscapes

    If you love crossword puzzles, then the Wordscapes app is for you. Its popularity has drawn nearly 10 million people to download the application to their smartphone or tablet directly from Google play. The Wordscapes app is an addictive game that challenges your vocabulary and your brain.

Showing 1–10 of 16 results